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Abstract Reasoning Test: Free Practice Questions & Tips – 2024

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If you’re a graduate or a job-seeker, you might be asked to take an abstract reasoning assessment at some point while applying for jobs. These psychometric pre-employment tests are designed to test your intelligence and fairly evaluate your potential. Also known as an inductive reasoning test or figural reasoning test, these online assessments are your key to an interview.

We’ve put together a short review of the test, and we’ve even included an abstract reasoning test with answers on our practice tab. When you’ve finished reading through this page, make sure to click over and try solving the questions for yourself.


What Is an Abstract Reasoning Test?

An abstract reasoning test evaluates your inductive logic. That is to say, your ability to recognise patterns, analyse data, and form connections. Linked directly to basic, fluid intelligence, your capacity for abstract reasoning has nothing to do with your education or your mother tongue.

On an abstract reasoning test, you’ll be shown a series of shapes arranged in either a sequence or a matrix, and you’ll be asked to identify the missing figure in the puzzle. Alternatively, you might be asked to choose which of several figures doesn’t follow the pattern or sort various items into two separate groups.

These timed online tests help employers to know which employees can solve problems, learn new skills, and take on more responsibilities with ease. Research shows that intelligence is directly connected to professional success, and large companies want to know that the top talent is helping to move their bottom line.


How to Prepare for an Abstract Exam?

Abstract reasoning exams are designed to test your intelligence, but unfortunately, the test questions are not exactly intuitive. Far from simple, these questions require a bit of strategy and a lot of concentration. If a prospective employer has asked you to take an abstract reasoning exam, you won’t want to come unprepared.

You’ll want to take time to practice abstract reasoning questions before starting the test. During this practice time, you’ll want to make sure that you’re familiar with the different question types and that you know how to find the answer as quickly as possible.

Abstract exams are as much about speed as they are about accuracy. If you don’t know the shortcuts and secrets necessary to find the solution as quickly as possible, then you’re at a disadvantage.


Tips for Abstract Reasoning Questions:

Check out these tips for solving abstract reasoning questions before heading out to the assessment center. You won’t want to start your abstract reasoning practice until you’ve heard our advice. After all, we made the mistakes so you won’t have to.

  1. Start from the End: If you’re confused, try looking at the problem from the end. You might see the pattern pop out at you if you look at it from the opposite direction. If you still don’t see it, then try looking at each piece individually. It may take you a few attempts to figure out exactly what the pattern is, but you’re far more likely to crack the code working methodically than intuitively.
  2. Look for Major & Minor Patterns: In most abstract sequences and matrices, you’ll have both a major and a minor pattern. The major pattern will be fairly easy to spot. Don’t choose the answer right away though. Make sure you fully understand how each component progresses before you move to the next question.
  3. Sometimes Two Pieces are Working Together: If the pattern doesn’t appear right away and you can’t figure it out by looking at one piece at a time, then check to see if two pieces are working together. It’s possible that one piece is following the movements of another piece either moving horizontally or vertically.


Final Thoughts on Abstract Reasoning Tests:

Still worried about your aptitude assessment? Click over to the questions tab right now and start preparing with our sample abstract reasoning test! Try the questions on your own and then check your work with the answers printed below.


Sample Questions:

Choose the pattern that best completes the sequence or matrix.

  1. Inductive Reasoning Test Question 1Inductive Reasoning answer 1
  2. Inductive Reasoning practice Test question 2Inductive Reasoning answer 2
  3. Inductive Reasoning question 3Inductive Reasoning answer 3
  4. Inductive Reasoning Test prep question 4Inductive Reasoning answer 4
  5. Inductive Reasoning Test question 5Inductive Reasoning answer 5



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