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ACT Government Assessment Tests, Recruitment Process & Interviews Online Preparation – 2024

Aptitude Employment Tests Prep

What Is the ACT Government?

The Australian Captial Territory (ACT) Government is the executive authority of the Australian Capital Territory, which houses Canberra. The governing body has served the community since 1989 by providing several services, including public transport, education, and health services.


Working for the ACT Government

The ACT Government provides diverse services and understands the benefits of having a workforce from varying backgrounds. However, four fundamental values unify its workers and lay the foundation for how employees behave:

  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Respect


What Is the Hiring Process at the ACT Government?

Online Application

The application will consist of three sections:

  • Referee Report: One of your referees, ideally a current manager, must complete a report that provides their contact information, ratings of your past performance, and comments on your work.
  • CV: You will need to upload a current CV. This document should detail your education, employment history, achievements, and relevant experience.
  • Written Response: You will also need to provide a written response explaining why you are interested in the position and the best candidate for the job. The job description may require a specific format for this response, so pay attention to any stated requirements.


Selection Committee

Submitted applications will go to a selection committee to give each candidate a fair and unbiased assessment. Each committee will include at least three people from different genders, ethnicities, backgrounds, and abilities.

The committee will screen each application to ensure they meet the eligibility requirements and will shortlist candidates who are suitable for the role. Additional assessment in interviews, exercises, and testing will be done from here.



The ACT Government interview questions will be behavioural and evidence-based. They want to know more about you and better understand your experience and how you can support the agency’s mission. It is best to format your responses to these questions using the STAR format: Situation, Task, Action, and Result. This will give the interviewer(s) the relevant information and keep you from rambling.


ACT Government’s Psychometric Exams

You may also take pre-employment aptitude or psychometric exams during your recruitment process. The exact tests you take will vary depending on the position you are applying for, but below are examples of exams you should prepare to take:

  • Verbal Reasoning Tests: Verbal reasoning exams will assess your ability to read and comprehend written information. The test will present several text passages, and you will answer multiple-choice questions about the content, conclusions, grammar, and word choice.
  • Logical Reasoning Tests: Logical reasoning tests will examine your ability to think critically and come to logical conclusions. The verbal versions of this test will present several statements you must take as fact and a concluding statement that you must determine the validity of. There are also non-verbal versions that show a series of images that follow an underlying pattern, and you must select the missing figure from the sequence.
  • Numerical Reasoning Tests: Mathematical reasoning tests will assess your ability to utilize mathematical concepts, perform basic calculations, and interpret data from charts, tables, and graphs.
  • Situational Judgement Test (SJT): SJT exams present simulated workplace scenarios and potential responses. How you react in the situation will inform your values and how you would likely behave in the workplace.
  • Personality Assessments: Personality tests will give the employer a better understanding of your traits, strengths, and weaknesses. These exams will present several statements; you must respond with how much you agree or disagree.


Assessment Centre & Additional Exercises

In addition to the psychometric and aptitude exams, the ACT Government may ask their candidates to complete additional exercises. Some examples of additional activities you may encounter include:

  • Group Exercises: You may be grouped with other candidates to complete an activity or solve a problem. This will assess your ability to collaborate and work with others to find solutions.
  • Role play: You may be paired with a hiring team member or other candidate to play out a simulated scenario. This will show the hiring team how you respond to stressful situations and think critically.
  • Presentation: Candidates may be given a topic to prepare a presentation for. This will show the hiring team how well you prepare, communicate ideas, and work under pressure.
  • Brief: You may also prepare a brief or report on a topic. This will showcase your subject knowledge, research abilities, and written communication skills.


How to Prepare for the ACT Government Assessment?

Job seekers who take the time to prepare for the various ACT Government assessments tend to do better in the hiring process than those who do not. Online practice tests are the best way to prepare for the various psychometric and aptitude tests you will encounter during recruitment.

Online practice tests will give sample questions and solutions to better understand what will be on the exam and how you should approach each question. Becoming familiar with the exams’ content and format will also boost your confidence and allow you to do better on the exams.

Doing well on these exams is the only way to graduate to the final stages of the recruitment process. Therefore, you must give yourself enough time to adequately prepare for the ACT Government assessments.