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Basic Numeracy (Math) Test: Free Online Practice & Tips – 2024

Numerical Reasoning Test Preparation Questions

If you’re preparing for a position either in administration or customer service, you might need to pass a numeracy test during the interview process. This pre-employment psychometric test will evaluate your knowledge of mathematics and assess your basic computational skills. You’ll be expected to demonstrate a rudimentary competence in elementary mathematics up through basic algebra including order of operations, number series, word problems, fractions, percentages, exponents, and ratios.

Read through our short summary of the screening assessment below, and complete the free numeracy test examples posted for you on the questions tab. We’ve given you both the answers and the questions so you can check your work.


What Is a Numeracy Test?

These online aptitude tests are timed assessments designed to measure both I.Q. and basic numerical reasoning. If your team is depending on you to make payments, keep accounts in order, give discounts, and manage customer orders, they’ll need to know that you can manipulate figures easily.

  1. Arithmetic & Order of Operations: You’ll need to find sums, products, differences, and quotients quickly and efficiently without the use of a calculator. You’ll also need to solve multi-step equations with a variety of functions. Make sure you know which operations to perform in which order.
  2. Number Series: You’ll need to determine the rule connecting items in a series and then either give the missing terms or complete the series.
  3. Algebra: As a graduate or job-seeker, you’ll need to both write and solve one-variable algebraic equations.
  4. Word Problems: Companies want to know that you can extract the relevant information from a word problem and write the relevant equation yourself.
  5. Fractions: Fractions are a part of life. You should be able to carry out any operation on fractions that you do on whole numbers.
  6. Percentages & Ratios: Whether you’re adding a coupon to an order, calculating gratuity, or distributing materials, you’ll need to know how to work with percentages and ratios.


How to Prepare for a Basic Numeracy Test?

If you threw out your seventh-grade algebra notebook the moment summer vacation began, then have no fear. You shouldn’t have to put in hours and hours of preparation just for a numeracy assessment.

Simply set a timer and take the practice questions we have listed for you here. Check your answers when you’re finished and then take the time to review the questions you answered incorrectly. You’ll learn the material more quickly by answering practice questions than you would simply revising because your wrong answers will help you to immediately identify your weaknesses.


Basic Numerical Test Tips for Job Interview:

Read our top tips for numeracy questions before heading out to the assessment centre.

  1. Do It Right the First Time: On most math tests, teachers will encourage you to check your work. However, most numeracy assessment tests have harsh time limits. You probably won’t have time to check over your answers, so give each question your best effort the first time you see it. You might not have a second chance.
  2. Watch Your Signs: One wrong sign can steer you completely off course. Make sure that you’re distributing negative signs, switching inequality signs, and multiplying correctly. It can be especially easy to overlook a negative sign when you’re under pressure, but it’s imperative that you pay close attention.
  3. Find the Question: In their haste, job-seekers often solve word problems without actually reading the entire question. Oftentimes, they solve the equation, but fail to give the correct information. Make sure that you know exactly what value the test-takers want before calculating anything.


Final Thoughts on Simple Numeracy Tests:

The job application process is already stressful, so don’t let psychometric tests cause you any more anxiety than absolutely necessary. Click on the free practice tab above, and try the free sample questions we’ve written just for you.


Free Sample Questions:

  1. 168-49=?
  2. Complete the series:
    3, 5, 8, 12, 17, 23…
  3. 1/6 *5/7= ?
  4. There are three consecutive odd integers. Three times the largest integer is three less than twice the sum of the two smaller integers. What is the smallest integer?
  5. Solve for x:




  1. 119
  2. 30
  3. 5/42
  4. 11
  5. X=60