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British Army’s Numeracy Test Online Preparation – 2024

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What Is the British Army’s Numeracy Test?

The British Army’s numeracy test is a requirement for all recruits. This test ensures they have a basic grasp of mathematical concepts and can perform simple calculations. While math is not apart of the daily responsibilities of everyone in the British Army, recruiters still administer this test to evaluate the recruit’s problem-solving skills.

If the recruit scored a C or higher on their GSCEs for math will not be required to sit for the British Army’s numeracy test. The test does not allow calculators because the assessment looks to analyze the recruit’s mental math abilities.


What to Expect on the British Army’s Numeracy Test?

The British Army’s numeracy test is multiple-choice and timed. The test lays out questions similar to high school level math. Common subjects include algebra, geometry, probability, ratios, and percentages. The recruit should be able to work well with the four basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division).

Some questions may be partnered with figures such as graphs or tables of numerical data. The test taker’s job is to interpret this information and apply it to the given questions and tasks. Other questions may involve number series or patterns. These questions will require the use of numerical reasoning to identify the trends in the numbers.


How to Prepare for the British Army’s Numeracy Test?

The British Army’s numeracy test is not the hardest test in the recruitment test, but it’s also not the easiest. The time limits increase the pressure immensely as recruits find themselves scrambling to meet the deadline. The best way to remain calm and collected during the numeracy test is by preparing for it.

The most effective way to prepare for this assessment is by using online tests. Online practice tests will mimic the conditions of the British Army’s test. This provides you with the beneficial opportunity of taking the test before your score really matters. Additionally, you will also get to see the results of your practice tests. These results foreshadow the results you may receive on the British Army’s assessments. Therefore, using this score, you can outline how much more preparation you should do before you go to the Army Development and Selection Centre and take the test.


Sample Questions

  1. A salesperson receives a 4% commission on every sale they make. If the salesperson received a $188 commission on sale A and sale B totaled $8,300, how much did the salesperson make on those two sales combined?
    1. $550
    2. $520
    3. $13,000
    4. $4,888
    5. $8,632
  2. If this tire rotates at 350 revolutions per minute and the car is moving at 44 km per hour, what is the circumference of the tire?
    1. 83 m
    2. 90 m
    3. 91 m
    4. 80 m
    5. 93 m
  3. |- 2p + 2| – 3 = -3
    1. p = -1
    2. p = 2
    3. p = -2
    4. p = 0
    5. p = 1


Answer Key

  1. B
  2. C
  3. E