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Dell Assessment Test & Interview Process Preparation – 2024

Aptitude Employment Tests Prep

What Is Dell?

Dell and it is tilted E is one of the most recognized names in computer technology. Dell is a multi-national technological powerhouse, employing 165,000 people. They provide computer repair services, develop, and sell hardware, and since their 2009 acquisition by Perot Systems also provide IT services. In 2013, Dell went private, so they are not included on the Fortune 500 list, but they are the third-largest PC company in the world and based on revenue the 6th largest company in Texas. Dell made history as a build-to-order PC company and they are continuing to make advances in the field of technology.

The career paths offered by Dell include commercial sales, commercial account management, marketing, software development, field service engineering, and more. There are graduate positions and internships. Dell also provided opportunities for military veterans. There are positions available with Dell worldwide. To attract top talent Dell offers benefits including:

  • Medical and dental coverage
  • Retirement savings plans
  • Flexible spending accounts
  • Paid parental leave
  • Remote work options


How to Prepare for Dell’s Recruitment Process?


To begin your career journey with Dell, you will need to go to their careers portal and create a profile. Once you have made a profile you will be able to save jobs, sign up for alerts, and submit applications. Make sure your relevant experience is emphasized on your resume, to make it stand out. Only applications that match the listed qualifications will be considered, but you may be considered for other openings. If your application catches their interest you will be notified by a recruiter and will be told what to expect next.


Dell’s Psychometric Tests

Dell uses online personality and cognitive ability tests as the first step in screening applicants. Tests will vary by position and some technical positions may require more extensive testing. The skills assessment tests are provided mainly by Cut-e (Aon G.A.T.E), Hogan and  DDI. The scores on the assessment tests will be weighed against each other, and candidates will be ranked. Some of the tests applicants might be given include:

  • Personality Questionnaire To prevent high turnover and help predict employee loyalty many companies have turned to personality surveys. These surveys are designed to identify your dominant personality traits and your work style.
  • Word/Excel Exams – For some positions, you will be required to demonstrate proficiency with Word, Excel, or other Microsoft systems. This test can be multiple choice or may be interactive.
  • Numerical Reasoning Test The numerical reasoning test measures your skill at interpreting numerical information by providing you with graphs and charts you will need to use to solve a series of problems. You will need to identify the correct graph to use for each question. This is a 37-question test that you will have 12 minutes to complete.
  • Verbal Reasoning Test To test your reading proficiency and your critical thinking ability you will be given several passages. These will each be under different tabs and you will need to decide which text is needed to answer a set of true or false questions.



The interview process will vary based on the job you have applied for. The number and style of interviews will depend on the position. Some positions will start with an interview that is either over the phone or through video. This is usually a screening interview used to get more details about your education and previous experience. Phone interviews generally take around 20 minutes to complete. If you are asked to submit an interview online, you will be sent a link to the platform and the questions. You will have about 2 minutes to prepare to answer each question. If the initial interview goes well, and you have applied for a position that requires more than one, you will be scheduled to have a face to face interview. This may be done either one on one or as a panel interview with several hiring managers. The face to face interview will consist of behavioural and situational questions. Employers want to ensure that any new members on the team will be capable of blending in seamlessly. The interview questions are designed to get a sense of a candidate’s personality, as well as their competency.


During the interview, you may hear questions similar to these:

  • What do you hope to accomplish during your time at Dell?
  • What is unique about you that will make you an asset to the team?
  • If you have a problem that arises on the job that you are not certain how to handle, are you afraid to ask for help?
  • Have you ever had a problem with a coworker? Were you able to overcome it? If so, how?


How to Prepare for Dell’s Assessments?

The Dell assessment tests are designed to be challenging so only the best applicants make it to the interview stage. Learning as much as you can about Dell and the corporate culture they have built will help you understand the expectations they have.

Learn as much as you can about the position, so you know in detail what the requirements are. This knowledge will help you identify the skills you will need to work on to pass the assessment tests. Since the tests are ranked, studying before taking them is essential, because you will need to outshine the competition.

Speed is a factor in scoring the reasoning assessments. Timing the tests adds an element of stress that helps indicate how well a person works under pressure. Practice your math skills using timed drills to accustom yourself to working under a time limit. Practice reading and vocabulary test questions. Find ways to quiz yourself so you can work on improving your reading comprehension. The nature of the verbal assessment means it is necessary to be able to identify the correct passage to use to answer the questions from a few keywords.

Dell wants to have only the best and brightest on their team. The pre-employment tests they give are a key part of making that happen. Studying for the tests and being prepared to make a good impression through each step of the Dell hiring process will help you achieve the highest possible scores on the tests. If you have confidence in your abilities, you will be able to make it through the process and receive a job offer from Dell.