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Error Checking Tests Online Preparation: Free Practice & Tips

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What Are Checking & Error Checking Tests?

Error or data checking tests are a common tool for many employers. Being able to quickly identify errors is about more than making certain corporate memos are written correctly.  Error checking helps ensure that people are hired who are capable of:

  • Identifying scam emails, which typically have very similar addresses to real businesses.
  • Making sure numbers are written accurately so that a company doesn’t lose thousands of dollars.
  • Keeping accurate records.
  • Accurately pricing items.

If you are applying for a job that requires a great deal of attention to detail, it is very likely that you will be given an error checking test. Administrative assistants, retail workers, marketing professionals, copywriters, may all be required to take error checking tests.


Taking the Error Checking Test

There are several different test providers who produce error checking tests. Saville and SHL are two of the most notable. There are several styles of tests, and they are all timed. The time allotted and the number of questions on the tests will vary by test provider and the company that is giving the test. Error checking tests usually give you a piece of text or a group of numbers and have you compare the possible answers to either find the one that matches exactly or find the one that doesn’t fit.


Free Sample Questions

Examples of questions you might see on error checking tests are:

Question 1:

“An original number has been copied 3 times, check to see if there are any mistakes”


Original                                    12567






The first and last sets of numbers have been copied incorrectly.

Original                                      12567







Question 2:

“Find the identical sequence to the one given”









The third sequence is correct.


How to Prepare for Error Checking Tests?

Preparing for the error checking test is simpler than it sounds. If you are detail-oriented, you are already half-way there. Finding a way to practice, so you train your brain to spot the difference, will help you do well on the test. There are online resources you can use for this. Time yourself if possible. This will teach you how to work efficiently under a time constraint. When you take the test, read the directions thoroughly, s you know exactly what you are supposed to be doing, many basic errors are made due to misunderstanding. Keep a cool head and do not allow the idea of the tests to intimidate you, and you will have no problem passing this test, and keeping your new work-place error-free.