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Hudson Psychometric Assessment Preparation: Practise Sample Test Questions & Get Helpful Tips – 2024

Pre-Employment Tests

What Is Hudson Assessment Test?

The Hudson psychometric aptitude exams are developed by Hudson company. Intended to test the job-seekers’ and graduates’ know-how, the exams give companies and hiring managers a higher chance to hire the right person from their recruitment process. It helps to do so by using data-driven and best practice focused talent profiling and assessment techniques to lower the risk of placing the wrong candidate in the position.

The tests are provided in four levels for operational workers, junior managers, middle managers, and senior managers. In addition, the tests are intended to assess planning ability, technical insight, speed and accuracy, spatial insight, and analytical insight in the candidates. With all three tests taken as offered, employers receive a report with overall scores that suggest the candidate’s level and three sub-scores that reflect their working style or strengths. The test is popular for all different levels of employment. Since the introduction of their graduate solutions, companies have turned to the online Hudson psychometric aptitude exams as a way to measure the aptitude of new talent among graduates.


What to Expect on Hudson Assessments?

The Hudson battery of psychometric aptitude tests includes three aptitude tests and a business attitudes questionnaire, all of which are offered online. The four tests test numerical, verbal, and abstract reasoning in addition to work style. In this section, the tests are explained and tips for success are provided. There is a sub-article providing more information regarding the abstract reasoning test as well, so only the most basic information on that will be covered here.

  • Numerical Reasoning Aptitude Test
    Hudson’s Numerical Reasoning aptitude exam is an online psychometric exam that tests graduates and job seekers’ understanding of numerical data. The test examines aptitude for basic numerical skills with tables and graphs. It also assesses applicants in the hiring process for their ability to draw conclusions from data presented to them in various forms. The exam is presented in a multiple-choice format with four available choices. Each of the questions require a series of calculations to find the correct answer. The information provided before questions may be used for one or more questions. The online aptitude assessment offers test-takers an on-screen calculator for performing the calculations but having a pen and scrap paper on hand is a wise idea. Unlike some online psychometric aptitude tests used in pre-employment screening, Hudson’s Numerical Reasoning assessment is not timed as an overall test. Instead, each test question is individually timed. Applicants have ninety seconds to answer each question. The system will move the applicant to the next question when the time is up whether the question is answered or not.
  • Verbal Reasoning Aptitude Test
    Like the Numerical Reasoning aptitude test, the pre-employment Verbal Reasoning aptitude assessment is online and timed per question instead of as an exam as a whole. The system will move applicants to the next question when time is up in the same way as the Numerical Reasoning exam does. On the Verbal Reasoning aptitude exam, applicants are presented with anywhere from six to ten lines of text to read before they are asked a question about it. Each of the questions is individually timed, and there is a new text provided for each question. The difficult part of this test is that ninety seconds per question includes reading time, so keeping an eye on the timer and reading quickly is important for success. The questions are multiple choice, and those taking the test are required to pick the response that is most relevant or correct from the four choices.
  • Abstract Reasoning Aptitude Test
    As mentioned earlier, there is a sub-article devoted entirely to the Abstract Reasoning assessment, so the information you will need for this exam is available there.
  • Business Attitudes Questionnaire
    The Business Attitudes Questionnaire is a personality exam used during pre-employment screening and recruitment processes. The assessment checks the twenty-five dimensions of personality to give both the applicant and the employer a report on where the graduate or job-seeker is on the spectrum with the Big 5 personality traits. Those traits are emotional stability, extraversion, openness, altruism, and conscientiousness. The exam is not timed, but applicants should try not to take too long with answering questions. The exam requires test-takers to assess themselves on a number of different statements and then rate how much they agree or disagree with statements. Using this ranking system, the Business Attitudes Questionnaire can be used to assess graduates and job-seekers for their fit with the position applied for.


Hudson Test Tips

  • Take online practice tests that are similar to the ones you will be required to take.
  • Improve speed and accuracy through taking mathematics or language quizzes with types of questions similar to those on the tests you are taking.
  • When taking the online Business Attitudes Questionnaire, try not to spend too much time deliberating your answers.
  • Though there are no right or wrong answers to the Hudson Business Attitudes Questionnaire, you should try to answer in a way that reflects your personality in a work context to better your chances of showing the strengths that make you a good fit for the job.
  • Avoid distractions both while practising or while completing the real test. How you practice will determine how you perform when you sit for the real exam.
  • Keep pen and paper on hand as you work through the numerical or abstract tests to keep track of relevant information.
  • The test questions often contain unimportant information to distract you from the important aspects of the problem. Because of this, you should take a few moments to take note of information that will help you find the solution and ignore the rest.


How to Prepare for Hudson Psychometric Assessment?

When it comes to preparing for the Hudson Psychometric exams, make sure you follow the tips above. In addition to that, run through several rounds of practice exams that are similar in style to the ones you will be taking. Doing this can help you to be familiar with the test format and the timing so that when it comes time to take the test you are not surprised by what you see or the time you are given. Use the areas where you are weaker as guides to what you should be focusing on and then try to shore up those weaknesses before you sit to take the pre-employment psychometric assessments online with Hudson.

In the end, although the time restraints on some of the online Hudson psychometric aptitude exams may be difficult, it is entirely possible to do well on these exams. Use the tips provided above to help you in your preparation and practice for these exams. If you prepare and practice properly, you will be able to perform well in this portion of your pre-employment hiring and recruitment screening process.


Sample Questions:

For problems 1-3, refer to the table below to answer the questions.

Global Sales for Fruit Brands

Del Monte Mariani Kroger
2015 100 120 150
2016 80 89 100
2017 90 70 55


    1. What were the total sales of the three brands in 2017?
    2. What were the total sales of the three brands in 2015?
    3. What were the total sales for Del Monte in all three years?
    4. Using the information below, determine when you have to approve time sheets as a manager.Part-time employees need to fill in a timesheet for the hours they work on any one day. The entries must be signed by the manager on the same day. The sheet must be turned in to HR by the first of the following month. Full-time employees should not use timesheets.
      1. Once a day
      2. The first of the following month
    5. Using the information below, determine when you need to turn in your time sheets if you are a full-time employee.Part-time employees need to fill in a timesheet for the hours they work on any one day. The entries must be signed by the manager on the same day. The sheet must be turned in to HR by the first of the following month. Full-time employees should not use timesheets.
      1. Once a day
      2. The first of the following month
      3. Never


    1. 90+70+55 = 215
    2. 100+120+150 = 370
    3. 100+80+90 = 270
    4. A
    5. C



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