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Marriott Assessment Tests & Interviews Preparation – 2024

Aptitude Employment Tests Prep

What Is Marriott?

Marriott International is a hospitality company that wants to stand out from competitors through its attention to the human aspects of customer service. The company wants to put people above the bottom line to maintain its reputation as one of the top global hotel and hospitality companies. With thousands of properties in over 130 countries, Marriott is a hospitality tour de force that provides its employees with many career and travel opportunities.

As a company that likes to promote from within, Marriott allows graduates plenty of room to grow and build long-lasting careers. Marriott strives to care for its employees so that its employees will then take care of the guests who pass through Marriott’s many doors with the same level of care.

Graduates with degrees in business, hospitality, or tourism-related fields can find a home in Marriott and have the chance to grow with the company. Likewise, non-graduates can also find excellent career paths with Marriott.

Marriott’s Brands:

Marriott Executive Apartment Autograph Collection TownePlace Suites Protea Hotels AC Hotels
Fairfield Inn by Marriott JW Marriott Hotels Bulgari Hotels Ritz-Carlton W Hotels
Residence Inn by Marriott Renaissance Hotels Edition Hotels Aloft Hotels Marriott
Westin Hotels & Resorts Luxury Collection Gaylord Hotels Le Méridien Sheraton
Four Points by Sheraton Tribute Portfolio Element Hotels MOXY Hotels Delta
Courtyard by Marriott SpringHill Suites Design Hotels St. Regis


What Is Marriott’s Hiring Process?

With many jobs to fill, Marriott strives to maintain a speedy pre-employment screening process that still finds the best candidates for the plethora of positions. Marriott likes to fill jobs promptly, so for entry-level employees, the whole process can be around two weeks or less, but for management positions, however, the process may be longer and may take several months.

Some of Marriott’s values that you should include in your application and interview are:

  • Put people first
  • Pursue excellence
  • Embrace change
  • Act with integrity
  • Serve our world

To succeed in this application process, learn the different steps of the hiring process so that you can have an advantage over other job seekers who are less informed.


To begin the recruitment process, job seekers should start an online application. You will be asked to create an account through Marriott’s career page if you don’t already have one. From there, you will be directed to a form for the job you want. You will fill out basic personal details and then be asked some job-specific questions. There will be a chance for you to attach your resume or CV and cover letter. Take your time when filling out this application to craft answers that show you’re right for the job.

Also note that Marriott uses the Taleo applicant tracking system, which sorts through applications for Marriott. Thus, you should be sure to include keywords of the job description in your application or else your application will be eliminated before anyone at Marriot gets to read it. Review the job description and compare it to your answers before you submit your completed application.

Marriott Online Aptitude Assessments

With a high number of applicants to consider, assessment tests help Marriott screen out candidates who do not have the appropriate skill sets or demeanours. Various psychometric tests may be used, depending on the position for which you are applying. Be sure to doublecheck test provider and specific test details before you take the tests.

Generally, you should strive to be in the top fifty percentile of test-takers. Marriot tends to use the AON Hewitt G.A.T.E. test, so focus on that test as you study for Marriott’s psychometric testing.

  • Situational Judgment Test (SJT)
    The situational judgement test provides various workplace scenarios and asks you to rank responses. You will be given several options to each scenario and then must rank them from best to worst. Alternatively, you may be asked multiple-choice questions about which option is best. You do not need outside information for this test, but preparation is still important.
    There are not necessarily right or wrong answers for this test, but you will be expected to make decisions quickly and under a harsh time limit. Accordingly, you should rationalise as well as you can but also carefully ration your time.  By doing well on the situational judgment test, you show employers that you can handle the difficulties of working at Marriott.
  • Personality Assessment
    Personality tests require you to answer questions about yourself that allow companies to predict how you will behave in workplace situations. This test will analyse your traits to see if you are right for the job. Different traits are ideal for each position, so just try to be true to yourself on this test, but you should also be deliberative when answering questions and show the best parts of your personality. Taking this test not only shows who you are to employers, but it can help you better understand yourself, which can help you later in the interview process as you try to explain your motivations and show employers your personality.
  • Accounting Test
    Finance positions may require a special accounting test, which challenges test-takers to define and apply fundamental accounting concepts. This test can include several sections:
    • Accounting Terms/Problems
    • Comparing and Checking
    • Alphabetising/Filing
    • Letters and Numbers
    • Memorisation
    • Coding
    • Inductive/ Deductive Reasoning
    • Brush up on these areas of knowledge to better your odds of doing well on this test.
  • Leadership Assessment
    For those who are applying for management jobs that require extraordinary problem-solving skills, you may take the leadership assessment. This test shows how well you can assert yourself, make decisions, and what motivates you. It uses some SJT questions as well as some personality questions. This test can show that you have Marriott’s desired skills to be in a managerial position, so go into the test with as much information as possible. Remember customer service is the heart of Marriott’s brand, so the company wants to have managers who put people first and who will go above and beyond for those they serve and those they lead.

Marriott Interviews

Interviews with Marriott give you a chance to show off your personality. Moreover, interviews are a great chance to show what qualities make you special.

For entry-level positions, Marriott will put candidates through a phone interview that inquires about basic information and motivations. This interview will take from fifteen to twenty minutes. Then, candidates will attend an in-person interview that lasts anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour. The interviews will be led by hiring managers. You should hear back from recruiters shortly after your final interview.

For management positions, candidates usually have two or three interviews after the initial phone screen. These interviews often have a lot of time between them. Sometimes, these interviews will be one-on-one, but Marriott often also may have panel interviews. These job seekers will be given what-if scenarios, be asked about past work and educational experiences, and have to explain their motivations.


How to Prepare for Marriott Assessments?

Don’t miss out on your dream job by failing assessments. Many candidates get turned away from jobs because of poor assessment test scores. Accordingly, these exams require extensive preparation. Use online practice tests to ensure you go into psychometric testing feeling confident and ready for the high-pressure challenge. Familiarize yourself with the types of questions you will be asked so that you can answer the necessary questions in a timely and logical manner. Additionally, find a quiet, distraction-free space to take your tests and allow enough time to take each test.


Marriott Interview Questions & Tips

Marriott interviews tend to be short and to the point. Be concise with your answers and talk about how your past experiences make you fit for the job. Marriott will also likely ask behavioural and situational questions, so be prepared for those. Make strong eye contact and project confidence to appeal to Marriott recruiters.

Marriott values intelligent, competent people, but what the company most wants is people who are personable, enthusiastic, and who go above and beyond to serve others. Showing that you are passionate about the work you would be doing will make you stand out from other interviewees because for Marriott, customer service comes first.

Further, Marriott wants to create a harmonious work environment with as little friction as possible, so show that you can be a team player and manage difficult situations. Ultimately, you should prove that not only can you be cordial but that you can discreetly and quickly resolve conflict.

Some interview questions you may be asked are:

  • Marriott has strong competitors. How do we stand out from those competitors?
  • How has your education prepared you for this position?
  • What do you believe Marriott’s use of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for marketing should look like?
  • Tell us about a time you handled a challenging situation. What skills did you use in this situation?
  • What would you most enjoy about this job?
  • What would you like to learn during this job?



Marriott is an enormous company that offers employees many career and training opportunities. As a result, positions in this company are in high demand. Thus, to get a job with Marriott, you must fill out a strong application, ace your assessments, and excel at your interviews. To do this, you should complete as much preparation as possible. Research the company, its goals, and its values to illustrate your interest and understanding of the company you want to work for. Review potential interview questions, and don’t forget to practice psychometric assessments. By completing these tasks, you can set yourself apart from other job candidates.