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McDonald’s Psychometric Tests, Hiring Process & Interview Questsions Online Preparation – 2024

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What Is McDonald’s

With its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, McDonald’s is a United States company with global locations. With around 1,270 restaurants in the UK, McDonald’s is a fast-food tour de force that continues to be a leader in its industry. Accordingly, for job seekers looking to work in a company with expansive and global career opportunities, McDonald’s may be a perfect fit. McDonald’s continues to strive to be a more diverse and inclusive workplace and wants all people to feel welcome under the golden arches. Further, employees at McDonald’s have the opportunity for rewards, additional training, tuition help, healthcare benefits, and a flexible work schedule.  A fast-paced and team-focused environment, McDonald’s wants candidates who can make quick, individual decisions while also being able to work within a team.


What Is McDonald’s UK Hiring Process?

McDonald’s pre-employment process is created to find the best candidates with relative ease. Because it is a large, global company, McDonald’s has a streamlined hiring process meant to select employees that best fit the company’s needs. Reflect the company’s values throughout the hiring process to show that you are a strong contender for the position you want. Graduates and non-graduates alike can benefit from learning the company’s values in their application and their interview. Some of McDonald’s values are as follows:

  • Doing the right thing
  • Creating good food
  • Respecting communities and the planet
  • Making people the top priority

The steps of McDonald’s hiring process are as follows:

  • Application
  • Psychometric Tests
  • Job Evaluation
  • Interview
  • Orientation Day


Applications for restaurant jobs can be filled out in person or online. Corporate jobs will use an online application. The application will probably take an hour or less to complete. It will primarily ask about your basic details—name, address, and educational/ work history. You also may be asked about your availability and references.  Be candid and show off your skills on this application. At the end of this application, you will be prompted to take psychometric tests. You may apply for up to ten franchises at one time.

McDonald’s Psychometric Tests

Both corporate and restaurant employees may be asked to take a personality test while corporate employees may also be asked to take a situational judgment test (SJT). Be sure to ask about the exact details of the tests you will have to take as well as the test provider because the requirements will differ based on your desired position and location.

  • McDonald’s Personality Test
    The personality test will take from thirty minutes to an hour to finish. Usually, it takes candidates closer to thirty minutes than an hour but use your time wisely and take your time. Stay aware of how much time you have left throughout the test and do not spend too much time on one question. Expect around sixty-four questions. Be sure to allow enough time before you start and find a place where you can concentrate and remain calm. The test will show McDonald’s your personality by making you decide between several statements. Statements will be given in pairs and you must choose which statement is the best option. Be honest but thoughtful with your answers. Some of the statements might seem strange to you, but don’t let that trip you up. Try to stay calm and choose the answer that is the most sensible to you.
  • Situational Judgement Test
    The situational judgment test is meant to show how job seekers will act in certain workplace scenarios. You will be given various scenarios and asked to rank different options from most to least viable. This test will also be timed, and it will be fast-paced. The questions are meant to be a challenge not just to show your decision-making process but also to test how well you hold up in a pressure-filled environment, which is important given McDonald’s fast-paced nature. Accordingly, practice will go a long for this test. Questions are commonly related to customer service and teamwork.

Job Evaluation

Candidates who are successful at the psychometric tests and are applying for a management job may be asked to complete a job evaluation day. This day will put job seekers through simulated scenarios to see how they will act in the face of common and sometimes not so common management scenarios.  Keep in mind McDonald’s core values as you complete this step in the process.


You may be asked to go through several interviews during the McDonald’s hiring process. Generally, you will first be asked to have a telephone interview that will ask you basic questions about your motivations and interest in the company. This interview will also review the basic information you dictated on your application. The phone interview usually is brief, taking only around ten minutes or so.

Then, you may be asked for an in-person interview. The in-person interview will ask more questions about your motivations, the job requirements, your past experiences, aptitudes, and your expectations and hopes for the job. You will also talk about pay and be given a chance to ask questions. For those applying for work in a restaurant, the interview may be individual, which may only take around fifteen minutes, or you may be given an interview in a group, which can take around an hour. Those applying for corporate roles will likely have a more in-depth interview.

After the interviews are complete, McDonald’s may begin to contact your references, so be sure your references are aware that they may get a call. McDonald’s will complete background checks (though, past criminal behaviour doesn’t necessarily exclude you from a restaurant job but be sure to inform the company of your past criminal charges so that they are not caught off guard during the background check portion.)

McDonald’s Orientation Day

If hired, candidates will be asked to attend an orientation day that will show job seekers what McDonald’s work environment is like. Additionally, candidates will be shown videos about the company’s goals, the job requirements, and the general history of McDonald’s. The orientation day will also include a half-hour interview with a management-level employee. Feel free to ask questions because this will give you a chance to clarify anything that you’re unsure about before you get started with your job. Use the training day to make sure McDonald’s is right for you. You will be paid for orientation.


Examples of McDonald’s UK Interview Questions

McDonald’s is a company that prioritizes human connection; accordingly, it is important to focus on human connection and teamwork during your interview. Show interviewers how you are uniquely fit to be part of a team and to act as a compassionate leader. Practice sample interview questions to ensure your answers fit the company and the role you are applying for.

Some example questions from McDonald’s interviews are:

  • Where do you see yourself five years from now?
  • What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?
  • Why are you right for this position?
  • What qualifies you for this job?
  • Why McDonald’s?
  • How would you handle working in a fast-paced environment?

For those applying to work in a restaurant, it is suggested that you dress in business casual attire because this additional effort will better impress your interviewer.

Be honest in your interview but focus on the traits that make you best fit for McDonald’s.


How to Prepare for McDonald’s Assessments?

Preparation is essential if you want to excel at the personality exam and situational judgment test that McDonald’s may ask you to complete. Practice tests can make job seekers feel more confident when going into these high-pressure screening tests. These psychometric tests can highlight your aptitude as a potential employee, so don’t let nerves get in your way. Know the kinds of questions you will be asked so that you can better utilize the time you are given to take the tests. Find a quiet, comfortable environment to take the tests in.



McDonald’s is a diverse and huge company that will appeal to both graduates and non-graduates alike. The company provides training and employee development that many job seekers may find appealing. Further, McDonald’s offers competitive benefits that show its desire to keep employees healthy and happy. The company values teamwork, loyalty, and strong community bonds, so to succeed in the hiring process, keep these ideas in mind and show how you can accurately represent these values as an employee. In addition to practising interview questions, prepare for online assessments because if you do not do well at the online test portion of the hiring process, you will not get the chance to show off your assets in an interview. Finally, if you do not get the job you want, keep in mind that because McDonald’s is so big, there are plenty of additional career opportunities for which you can apply.