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MI5 Tests, Assessment Centre, Graduate Scheme, Recruitment Process & Interviews Questions Online Preparation – 2024

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What Is MI5?

MI5 is the United Kingdom’s national intelligence agency. They are responsible for defending the UK against threats to their security such as terrorism, espionage, or cyber-attacks. MI5 employs about four thousand people and is considered one of the best institutions to work for in the country. They maintain a sparkling reputation and a favourable workplace atmosphere by operating with the following values:

  • Innovation
  • Making a Difference
  • Professionalism
  • Teamwork


MI5 Graduate Development Programmes

The development programmes offered by MI5 are an opportunity for graduates to learn skills they can integrate into a career in National Security. There are four programmes available: Intelligence Officer Development, Intelligence and Data Analyst Development, Technology Graduate Development, and Business Enablers. Each of these programmes offers a competitive salary, a flexible schedule for work-life balance, and the ability to move forward in your career. You will learn valuable skills that you can transfer to a long-term career with MI5.


What Is the Hiring Process at MI5?

The hiring process at MI5 is very complex. They take every step necessary to ensure that their employees can consistently exercise discretion and produce high-quality work. MI5 even requires people to go through three pre-screening steps before they can officially apply to work there. The pre-screening steps include:

  • Initial Application & Pre-Screening Questions
  • Security Questionnaire
  • Psychometric Tests

After an applicant is cleared and passes these stages, they can apply and move on to the interviews. The later stages of the hiring process are:

  • Online Application
  • Telephone Interview
  • Assessment Centre


Pre-Screening Questions & Initial Application

An initial application must be submitted before the official application. This is followed by pre-screening questions about someone’s personal and professional life as well as why they are interested in MI5.


Security Questionnaire

The Security Questionnaire is a step that is common for anyone applying to a government position in the UK. It was designed by the Developed Vetting Programme which administers the questionnaire to get an idea of how cautious an applicant is and whether or not they will meet the MI5 security standards. There are predetermined benchmarks that must be met, MI5 will not budge on this front no matter what.


MI5 Tests

Psychometrics tests analyse aptitude and behaviour objectively. These two attributes are important to MI5 because they are looking for quick-witted and emotionally intelligent employees. The assessments are taken online and sent to applicants via email after they have applied and finished the pre-screening questions. MI5 utilises psychometric tests such as:

  • Written Exercises
    The written activity measures prioritisation, decision-making, and community outreach. Applicants are asked to read and evaluate various documents and correspondence. Then, they must filter the information and prioritise and organise significant information. Candidates must ensure that time-sensitive tasks are completed first, and they will be asked to create a timeline of the documents for the assessor to demonstrate their organisation skills.
  • Situational Judgement Test
    The situational judgement test, abbreviated SJT, appraises the personality and behaviour of an applicant. This is achieved by providing them with hypothetical scenarios followed by statements detailing a certain action taken in said scenario. The applicant’s job is to decide whether that action was suitable for the situation. There are multiple answer choices for each statement. MI5 requires an above-average score on this assessment because they need reasonable and objective employees.
  • Verbal Reasoning
    The verbal reasoning focuses on the applicant’s capacity to comprehend novel information. There are passages of information using workplace context or discussing a random topic. Subsequently, there are arguments made about the passage or a statement concerning the topic which the applicant must assess to see if it accurately represents the given information. Applicants have twenty-five questions to answer thirty-six questions. This aptitude test is provided by Cubiks.


Online Application

The online application should be submitted after the candidate is told they have been successful in the pre-screening portion of the interview process. MI5 functions as a meritocracy, which means they will be choosing their applicants solely by their accomplishments and qualifications.


Telephone Interview

The telephone interview is competency-based. MI5 concentrates on how you align with their values, how you would function as a member of their team and as an individual, and whether you can uphold the responsibilities needed for the job. It’s a thirty-minute interview which will examine your past and its effect on your future with MI5 and your future behaviour in general.


MI5 Assessment Centre

The assessment centre is a candidate’s last chance to impress MI5. Candidates will participate in three activities:

  • Group Exercise
    The group exercise features three to seven candidates working together to solve a problem or debate a current issue. A recruiter will be present the entire time taking notes on how each candidate exercises their authority and cooperates with their teammates.
  • Role-Play Exercise
    The role-play exercise takes common scenarios at MI5 and asks the candidates to input their ideas and opinions into the matter. This establishes how the candidate will fit in with MI5 and how they will use their knowledge to handle an issue.
  • Panel Interview
    The panel interview is the final step for the entire interview process. There are two to four members of MI5 on the panel asking technical and behavioural questions. It’s important to MI5 that they hear your thought process to understand how you approach problems.


MI5 Interview Questions

Here are a few examples of questions you may be asked during your interviews with MI5, along with some potential answers to give you a place to start when formulating your own answers for your interview.

  • What led you to consider a career with MI5?
    “I want to use my talents in a way that makes the world a safer place. Working in intelligence allows me to do this, and to feel like I am bringing about positive change.”
  • Which qualities make a person an asset to a team?
    “In my experience, being open-minded, and willing to listen to everyone’s ideas is an essential part of working in a team environment. Being able to take charge when necessary, and also knowing when to let someone else step in are also important qualities when working as part of a team.”
  • Why do you think you are a good fit for a position with MI5?
    “I work well under pressure and pay close attention to small details. I have experience working with people from different backgrounds, and can easily adapt to any team.”
  • Are you able to maintain discretion and keep your work life separate from your personal life?
    “Yes. I have worked in positions that required security clearances in the past. I have not shared sensitive information in the past even with my family.”
  • There can often be a great deal of pressure in this line of work. Are you capable of performing well during times of stress?
    “I find that working under pressure inspires me to work even harder. I have worked stressful jobs in the past, and instead of allowing that to cause difficulty, I think of it as a challenge and use it to improve my performance.”


How to Prepare for MI5’s Tests?

The online assessments may seem daunting, especially considering the competitive nature of MI5’s interview process. Fortunately, there are countless tools at your expense to help you prepare for these tests.

One helpful study method might be running through a practice test or some sample questions with a friend. They don’t have to be applying for MI5 to be able to offer some great insight. Many find it helpful to openly discuss and work out problems with a friend to gain a new perspective. They may be able to show you a new way to solve a problem or demonstrate a quicker thought process.

Another effective way to prepare for the online tests is by taking a practice assessment. They mimic the content and time limit of the actual tests; this allows you to make infinite mistakes before they genuinely count against you. You can start with a short version and eventually graduate to the full version when you feel ready. The online practice tests can also inform you of your definitive progress in terms of your speed and accuracy as you continue to take more assessments.

Whichever technique you use when you’re preparing for the online tests is up to you. At some point, it would be beneficial to group the assessments based on their difficulty so you can prioritise the ones that may cause you some trouble.



MI5 is an exclusive agency which is why a generous amount of time and effort needs to be put into your preparation. Take each stage as it comes and always put your best foot forward. Best of luck!