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New Zealand Security Intelligence Service (NZSIS) Online Preparation – 2024

Job Aptitude Tests

What Is the NZSIS?

The New Zealand Security Intelligence Service (NZSIS) is a public service agency striving to keep the country and its people safe and secure. The agency contributes to various government priorities, working with the government and private sectors. They also have international partners.

The NZSIS is a diverse employer that encourages people from every background to apply. They offer positions across all business and technology sectors, such as security, intelligence, legal, and human resources.

While NZSIS actively looks for employees from various backgrounds, there are specific eligibility requirements you will need to meet to work for them. First, you must be a New Zealand citizen for ten years. If you have been a citizen for less than ten years, you must hold permanent residency or a Resident Class Visa and have been a citizen of the USA, UK, Canada, or Australia for ten years. They do occasionally consider applications from those who have been citizens for less than ten years.

Next, you will need to be able to get and maintain Top Secret Special (TSS) security clearance. This clearance will require that you have at least 15 years of checkable background or a background that can be checked back to the age of 18. You can check if you are eligible for the TSS clearance on the Protective Security Requirements website before you apply.


What Is the Recruitment Process at NZSIS?

Online Application

Once you ensure you are eligible to apply for a position with the NZSIS, you can search for an open job that suits your skills. You’ll then need to complete an application form to be considered for the role. The form will ask for basic information such as your contact details, educational history, and work experience. You’ll also note any additional qualifications or skills you have that are relevant to the position.



Once your application passes the initial screening, you’ll graduate to the interview stage. This interview will confirm your qualifications and the information you submitted in your application, as well as allow NZSIS to learn more about you, your personality, and your experience. In addition to confirming that you’d be capable of performing the duties required, they are also trying to determine if you are a good cultural fit for the agency.

Those who do well in the interview will complete several personality and aptitude tests to confirm their skills and abilities.


Logical Reasoning Test

The logical reasoning exam will assess your problem-solving skills. These questions will likely be image-based and will ask you to use the information to draw logical conclusions and deduce the correct answer. This skill is vital in intelligence gathering, so all NZSIS employees need to do well on this exam.


Spatial Reasoning Test

The spatial reasoning test is beneficial for technical positions. This exam assesses your ability to manipulate shapes and objects in 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional spaces mentally. This is a multiple-choice test where you will be presented with an object and need to visualise it from different perspectives, such as a mirror image or another vantage point.


Abstract Reasoning Test

The abstract reasoning test will assess your ability to problem-solve under pressure. The timed, multiple-choice test is another non-verbal exam presenting a series of shapes with an underlying pattern. You must identify that rule or pattern and apply it to determine the next image in the series.


Diagrammatic Reasoning Test

The diagrammatic reasoning test is similar to the abstract reasoning test. This is another timed, multiple-choice exam that will assess your problem-solving abilities by finding and applying patterns. These questions may include completing the series or finding a missing image in a sequence.


Numerical Reasoning Test

Numerical reasoning exams will assess your ability to work with numbers. These include word problems, equations, charts, tables, and graphs. Unless our specific role is particularly math-heavy, you shouldn’t need an advanced understanding of mathematics to do well on this exam. These questions will be solvable using arithmetic, basic calculations, algebra, geometry, and data interpretation.


Mechanical Reasoning Test

Mechanical reasoning tests are for mechanical and engineering positions. These tests assess your knowledge and ability to apply mechanical, physical, and electrical concepts and properties. Some of the test will be verbal while other questions will be image-based to depict a specific idea.


Skills Test

Some roles may require other skills tests that are specific to the duties of that particular role. For example, applicants seeking a position in programming or software development may need to prove their ability with a particular programming language. You will likely already have the skills necessary to complete your skills test if you are thoroughly qualified for the position.


Personality Test

NZSIS also has its candidates take a personality test to ensure their traits and characteristics align with their mission and values. In addition to being technically qualified for the position, you must be a good cultural fit as well.

You will receive several statements and need to report how much you agree or disagree with the statement. While there are no strict right or wrong answers on this exam, remember that the NZSIS is looking for candidates with specific traits. Be sure to research the organisation to get a better idea of what they are looking for in an applicant.


Situational Judgment Test

The last psychometric exam you should prepare to take is the situational judgment test (SJT). This test will examine your behaviour in simulated workplace scenarios. You’ll receive a situation that describes a problem or issue similar to one you may encounter in the role, followed by several potential responses. Your job will be to select the answer that makes the most sense for the given situation.

Again, the hiring team is looking for specific behaviours and characteristics in these responses. Keep in mind the mission and values of the organisation while completing this exam.


Background Check

Candidates who do well on the assessments will complete a final background check before receiving an official employment offer. This will give NZSIS a better picture of your life and circumstances and if you can do well in the role. If they need any final information from you, the hiring team will let you know.


How to Prepare for the NZSIS Assessment?

The NZSIS pre-employment process is lengthy and detailed. Because of the heavy emphasis on assessments in the hiring process, you’ll want to be sure you do well on all the tests you are assigned. Online practice tests and study guides are great resources that you can use during your preparation.

Practice tests will provide sample questions and solutions to give you a better idea of what will be on each exam. These are great tools because they allow you to practice your timing and will provide you with tips on how to answer questions correctly on the exam.

Study guides are also a great resource to give you a better idea of the exam’s content. For example, a study guide for the mechanical reasoning test may point out specific concepts you should study before the exam.

Job Seekers who use the resources available do better in the process than those who don’t. Therefore, you should do everything possible to prepare for the NZSIS recruitment process.