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Orsted Energy PI Cognitive Assessment (PLI), PI Behavioral Assessment & Interviews Online Preparation – 2024

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What Is Orsted Energy?

The world’s largest supplier of offshore wind energy Orsted, formerly known as DONG, is the largest energy company in Denmark. They are a multinational company, providing service in Germany, Sweden, and the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. They have also leased an area of ocean from the United States in which to develop a wind park.

Orsted currently employs around 6,179 people. There are career opportunities in IT, engineering, finance and business development, operations and technical support, and corporate functions. In addition to graduate programs, there is also a trainee program as well as student job opportunities. As part of their dedication to their employees, and their commitment to creating a positive environment Orsted offers a comprehensive benefits package. Benefits that are offered include:

  • 100% paid premium costs for health and dental care.
  • 4 weeks paid vacation for new hires.
  • Retirement account savings match
  • Free breakfast
  • Health program


What Is Orsted’s Recruitment Process?


To apply, go to the Orsted Energy website. You can create an applicant profile before searching for your ideal position or wait until you find a position you want to apply for. After creating a profile, you will need to upload all of your documents such as your CV and cover letter. You can log into your profile and change your information any time you need to. You can also upload information from your LinkedIn account after creating your profile.


Orsted’s PI Assessments

Orsted Energy uses online pre-hire assessment tests as part of its hiring process. The test results will provide further insight into how quickly you can learn a new role, and how well you will fit into the company culture. The assessments are a combination of cognitive ability tests and personality surveys.


PI Cognitive Assessment

The Predictive Index Cognitive Assessment, also known as the PLI, is a 50-question multiple-choice exam that is given online. You will have 12 minutes to answer as many questions as you can. The questions will cover 3 important areas of cognitive ability.

  • Numerical Reasoning This shows your ability to work with numbers. There will be word problems and number sequences you will need to solve.
  • Verbal Reasoning Effective communication is important, no matter what your title or job level. Your vocabulary and word usage will be measured with questions about synonyms and antonyms, comparisons, and passages you must use to draw conclusions and answer the follow-up questions.
  • Inductive Reasoning These are questions you must use logic to solve. You will need to be able to detect patterns in shapes and predict sequences within matrices.


PI Behavioral Assessment

The Predictive Behavioral Assessment is a personality survey that has broken down the commonly used Five-Factor personality traits even further into 4 traits that are predictors of job success:

  • Dominance
  • Extraversion
  • Patience
  • Formality

This personality survey is made of two lists the first is a list of words describing the way you feel others expect you to behave the second is a list of descriptors of the way you would describe yourself. You must select the adjectives that best match your perceptions of each. You will not be timed on the behavioural assessment, and the results will show who you are as a worker, and what drives you.



The interviews focus on your qualifications and how well you fit in with the company’s expectations and values. There may be more than one interview depending on the position. One of these interviews may involve the entire department so they can get a feel for how well you will work together. You may also be interviewed by a manager or a member of HR.


How to Prepare for Orsted Energy’s Tests?

The assessment tests play a large part in whether or not you are offered a position. To make sure you show that you are the ideal candidate for the job, take time to prepare for testing. Just the act of reading can help your verbal skills. Take it a step further by doing word logic puzzles that require critical thought, and crossword puzzles that will help increase your vocabulary. Practise math drills and practise recognizing number patterns. There are math websites that can help you do this. Practice doing puzzles and math problems while timed. This can help reduce some of the anxiety around taking a timed test.

Use your intuition on the personality survey. Do not try to guess what you think they want to see. Instead, take your time and select the answers that you feel are accurate descriptions of you. Giving human resources a true picture of your behaviours is in the best interests of you, and the company.