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Predictive Index (PI) Behavioral Assessment Preparation

PI Personality Test Prep

Psychometric assessments have become a key part of the modern-day hiring process, especially with the influx of college graduates. The job market has become very competitive, with job seekers finding more ways to make themselves employable. To remain objective, companies have resorted to using various pre-employment screening procedures, most notably aptitude tests, to aid in the selection process. These methods help to identify candidates with favourable traits or skill sets that may not necessarily be easily identifiable via the candidate’s previous academic and employment experience.

What Is the Predictive Index (PI Test) Behavioral Assessment?

The PI Behavioral Assessment is a pre-employment test administered by The Predictive Index, a company that has been in existence for over half a century. The company aims to understand candidates and find out what makes them motivated to work. The test measures six personality characteristics. These include:

  • Dominance: Examines the extent to which the candidate controls their environment
  • Extroversion: Examines the extent to which the candidate seeks social interaction with other individuals.
  • Patience: Examines the extent to which the candidate seeks stability and consistency` in their environment.
  • Formality: Examines the extent to which the candidate strives to adhere to rules.
  • Response Level: Speaks to how well the candidate reacts to situations and the environment around him.
  • Decision-Making: Speaks to the candidate’s ability to think objectively and make decisions which are devoid of emotional interference.

The test helps employers to predict the candidate’s performance in the workplace, as the responses on the test are usually indicative of Behavioral traits.


Who Uses the PI Test?

Many industries employ the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment in the hiring process. The test is used by some 8000-plus organisations globally and is available in 70 languages. Some of these industries include manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, and hospitality. Below are a few companies that utilise the Predictive Index Test:


What is the Format of the Predictive Index (PI Test) Behavioral Assessment?

The PI test is straightforward and can be completed in approximately 10 minutes.

The candidate is present with 172 adjectives, which are split equally. From the first half, the candidate is expected to select words which best describe his or her own behavior, while from the second half the candidate is to choose the adjectives which represent how they believe others perceive them.

The test provides a means to compare a collection of ideas about self and self-concept. Both of which give insight into various workplace behaviors.


The Predictive Index Cognitive Assessment

The PI Behavioral Assessment is usually taken in conjunction with the Predictive Index Cognitive test. The PI Cognitive Test assesses the candidate’s ability to adapt and learn new concepts independently and apply them to the work environment. A candidate’s cognitive ability is directly related to their likelihood of job success. Understanding the candidates’ cognitive ability allows the employer to hire persons with abilities best aligned to the role.

The PI Cognitive Assessment is designed with a series of questions that fall under one of three categories, numerical, verbal and abstract reasoning. The exam has a time limit of 12 minutes, as speed is directly linked to one’s cognitive ability. If the exam were any longer, the questions would be much easier to answer. Results of untimed assessments cannot be compared with those of timed assessments.

Both exams are not administered in an assessment centre and are usually offered remotely. Candidates either sit for the exam at home or at the prospective employer’s office. If the potential employer is not satisfied with the conditions under which the exam was taken, they may re-administer the exam on-site or observe the candidate via webcam.


How to Pass the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment?

The idea of passing an exam is rather straightforward; prepare well, and you are on your way to success. It all sounds rather simple, and in all honesty, it can be, especially if you have the right resources.

Are you seeking Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment sample questions? Why not head directly to the source. Practice questions can be found at the Predictive Index website for use by the general public. Not only does the website have practice questions, but also tip sheets, which are essentially study guides for PI assessment candidates.

Apart from simply studying on your own, you may seek to employ the expertise of past exam candidates. This can be readily done by seeking out these persons on online forums. This provides not just reading material, but another human with whom you can consult with, and get all your questions and answers clarified.

As for the exam itself, you are writing your own story every day, and this is one of those stories where you might have a lot of control. Examiners require that candidates to be honest. Candidates may, however, try to ensure that the answers on the paper are tailored to suit the position being applied for.


As simple as the PI Test sounds, it requires some level of preparation. It would be a risk to go in and sit for the test if you did not prepare. Let us not forget that the exam is also done in conjunction with the Predictive Index Cognitive Test, which does require some extra preparation. Use your time wisely, follow whatever PI Behavioral Assessment tips you might come across and go out there and smash that exam!

All the best with the job hunt, hope you nail that job!