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Royal Navy Psychometric Test Preparation & Examples – 2024

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What Is the Royal Navy Psychometric Test?

The Royal Navy utilises this psychometric test to gain insight into the applicant’s intelligence and mental capacity. The results of this assessment outline the role within the Navy that would be the best fit for the candidate. Additionally, the candidate’s score is an indication of whether or not they will be successful during training. Essentially, the Royal Navy uses this test to decide if the candidate should be accepted into the Navy and what position they would perform well in.

Candidates will take the Royal Navy Psychometric Test before the recruitment process. After they have taken the RT or recruitment tests, the candidate will be eligible to start applying for roles.


What to Expect on the Royal Navy Psychometric Test?

The Royal Navy psychometric test is a one-hundred and twenty questioned, timed assessment. There are four total sections that analyze the skills necessary to fulfil a role in the army. These sections include the following:

  • Reasoning
    Candidates will have nine minutes to complete the reasoning section of the test. During this section, they must use their reasoning skills to assess written passages, shape sequences, and number series. The results of this assessment will inform the British Army of the candidate’s ability to identify patterns, draw conclusions from ambiguous observations, and think critically. The questions will be both verbal and non-verbal and encompass the general idea of the material covered on the rest of the test.
  • Numerical Reasoning
    The numerical reasoning section evaluates the candidate’s basic mathematical abilities. There are thirty multiple-choice questions that focus on the fundamental operations, fractions, ratios, geometry and more. The candidate must demonstrate their ability to perform calculations quickly and accurately. The questions may come in the form of number series, graphs and tables, or word problems.
  • Verbal Ability
    The verbal ability section has a nine-minute time limit. The results of the assessment inform the administrator of the candidate’s proficiency in English. This includes context, vocabulary, and grammar. Some questions may involve reading a brief passage and applying that information to a handful of follow-up questions. The other part of the test will ask about interchangeable words and sentence structure. Candidates should demonstrate their ability to communicate effectively, comprehend written instructions, and use proper grammar.
  • Mechanical Reasoning
    The mechanical reasoning section is considered to be the most difficult part of the Royal Navy Psychometric Test. There are sixteen, multiple-choice questions. This section concerns the basic principles of mechanics, electricity, and measurement. Candidates can practise for this assessment by reviewing physics including velocity, voltage, and resistance. Some questions use diagrams to illustrate mechanical principles.


How Is the Royal Navy Psychometric Test Scored?

The Royal Navy psychometric test is scored immediately. Once the candidate finishes the assessment, they will receive their results as well as a list of roles that they are eligible to apply for. There are over one-hundred roles in the Royal Navy that the candidate’s scores will be compared against.

The test specifically measures the recruit’s speed and accuracy both on the entire assessment and each individual section. All recruits must score a fifty or higher on the assessment or they will not receive any recommendations.

It should be noted that recruit’s will not lose points for wrong answers. Test takers can optimise their scores by guessing on questions they are not sure of rather than leaving the question unanswered.


How to Prepare for the Royal Navy Psychometric Test?

The Royal Navy Psychometric Test is an important step in the recruitment process for the British Army. These tests not only decide if you will be accepted into the army, but they also choose your future role within the army. If you wish to have more freedom and options in your choice, then achieving a high score on the test is the best way to go.

Using online practice tests comes highly recommended by past candidates. Online practice tests are such a beneficial tool because they closely replicate the structure, time limits, and questions on the Royal Navy Test. Practice tests come in short and full-length versions and allow you to get comfortable with the material, so you’re confident when you sit down to take the real test. The most attractive benefit of the practice tests is the opportunity to see your score. The scores on practice tests are a good estimate for how much more preparation you should do and how well you may do on the Royal Navy Psychometric Test.

It should be noted that recruits are not allowed to bring a calculator or dictionary to the test. This should be kept in mind during preparation as it could affect your score or how you practice.


What Comes After the Royal Navy Aptitude Tests?

Before the Royal Navy psychometric tests, there will be an initial interview and questionnaire. These help the Royal Navy become more acquainted with the candidate and their general demeanour. After the brief questionnaire, the recruit will sit the recruitment test, then participate in a selection interview.

The selection interview consists of a brief run-down of the recruit’s performance on the assessments and their possible options for positions in the Royal Navy. There will be a handful of competency-based questions to see how the recruit’s behaviour aligns with different roles. Additionally, the recruit will have the chance to ask questions about the Royal Navy, training, and more.

Finally, there is a medical and vision test. The recruit must meet certain requirements, or they will be barred from consideration. Once these exams are completed, the recruit will either begin their interviews for officer positions or the fitness tests for the rating positions.


Royal Navy Psychometric Test Sample Questions

  1. Plane is to runway as train is to
    1. Road
    2. Runway
    3. Track
    4. Station
    5. Metal
  2. Which of the following words is a broad definition of the other answer choices?
    1. Algebra
    2. Geometry
    3. Arithmetic
    4. Mathematics
    5. Trigonometry
  3. Add 7394 to 386
    1. 7,780
    2. 7,770
    3. 7,798
    4. 7,008
    5. 7,000
  4. Fleur’s beauty products are now offering 35% more shampoo in every bottle. If now they have 26oz., how much did they have originally?
    1. 65 oz.
    2. 9 oz.
    3. 1oz.
    4. 26oz.
  5. What is the missing number in this series?
    2, 5, 5, 15, 8, 45, X
    1. 45
    2. 11
    3. 135
    4. 9
  6. If today one U.S. dollar is equal to 0.88 euros, how many euros can you buy for 200 USD?
    1. 188 EUR
    2. 88 EUR
    3. 27 EUR
    4. 176 EUR



  1. C
  2. D
  3. A
  4. D
  5. B
  6. D