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Simmons & Simmons Recruitment Process, Assessment Center, Aptitude Tests & SJT Online Preparation – 2024

Aptitude Written Exams

Considering applying with Simmons & Simmons? Here is everything you need to know about the company, their hiring process and assessments. This post will help you to be fully prepared when you submit your application.


What Is Simmons & Simmons?

Simmons & Simmons is an international law firm that focuses on business and commercial law. They are based in both London and Bristol, and work with businesses across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. They have an extensive list of high-profile clients, and offer several international employment opportunities.

Simmons & Simmons hires recent graduates, as well as seasoned lawyers and business service professionals based in the UK. You must have the right to work in the UK to apply. They offer plenty of opportunity for growth and upward movement within the company. The firm could be a good choice for someone who wants to work in an international environment and have a chance to travel and explore new cultures.


Simmons & Simmons Hiring Process

The hiring process at Simmons & Simmons starts with an online application. On your application, you will provide details about your achievements, work history and education. Application periods vary according to the position you are applying, so it’s important to be aware of the deadline when you start the process.

After the online application is accepted, there are two online psychometric tests: a situational judgement test, and a series of online aptitude tests. We’ll talk about those tests in more detail later.

Following the initial online assessment, the next step is a video interview. Using software provided by the firm, you will record yourself answering a series of questions from the interviewer and submit your response. Unlike a traditional interview, you will be able to go back and review all of your answers before you submit them. All you need is a device compatible with the software.

The final stage of the hiring process is an on-site assessment at Simmons & Simmons’ Assessment Centre. There you will be put through multiple exercises, independently and with a group of other candidates.


Application Process

The application process for Simmons and Simmons is completed online. It starts with the search for an open position. Speculative applications are not accepted. You must apply for a position that is listed. Each position has a deadline, so pay close attention to dates before submitting an application. The closer it is to the deadline, the longer the response time will be, and the greater the chance that the role may have been filled. Be sure to emphasise your education and your transferable skills when answering the questions on the form.


Simmons & Simmons Online Assessment

There are two stages of assessment tests in the Simmons & Simmons hiring process. The first takes place online, and the second in person at their Assessment Centre.


Situational Judgment Test:

The very first test that you will be put through is an SJT, or situational judgment test. This test is designed to assess your ability to think on your feet and react to challenges in the workplace. The SJT used by Simmons & Simmons will present you with several multiple-choice questions that you will have to answer within a time limit. The questions will relate to challenging situations that you may face in the workplace, including issues with unsatisfied clients or confrontations with coworkers. You can prepare for the SJT by taking practice tests that cover similar topics.


Aptitude Tests:

After the SJT is a series of online aptitude tests that will evaluate your verbal, numerical and logical reasoning. Here are the tests you can expect from this stage of the process:

  • Numerical Reasoning Test: Numerical reasoning tests are one of the more common types of psychometric evaluation tests. They evaluate your ability to handle numerical or statistical data and to reason with numbers. The test used by Simmons & Simmons will involve timed multiple-choice questions.
  • Logical Reasoning Test: Logical reasoning tests evaluate your ability to reason quickly and solve problems. The questions on these tests may ask you to complete a pattern, or to answer a difficult question. Unlike more practical tests like the SJT, logical reasoning tests are very theoretical and just test your abstract ability to reason.
  • Verbal Reasoning Test: A verbal reasoning test helps the company to evaluate your communication and comprehension skills. Much of the verbal reasoning test relies on reading comprehension, so if English is not your native language, you will definitely want to try out a few practice tests beforehand.

Before you take these online tests, Simmons & Simmons provides you with a practice question, so that you have an example of the format before you begin the timed questions.


Written Exercise

Once you have passed the online tests and completed your video interview, you will be invited to the Assessment Centre in London to complete three stages of on-site assessment. One of these is the written exercise. This is to evaluate your writing ability.

You will have 40 minutes to read a document and then draft a letter in response to the information. It might not be a strictly legal letter – this part of the assessment is just meant to test your writing ability, not your understanding of technical legal language. In other words, it is not the content of your letter that matters, but how well it is written.


Document Review Exercise

The document review exercise is meant to evaluate how well you can understand and work with new information under pressure. The test gives you thirty minutes to read through a set of legal documents and fully understand them. Then there will be a mock interview with two partners, who you will then have to relay the information back to.

This test has two purposes: it evaluates how well you can read and comprehend a complex legal report, and it evaluates how well you can present information to someone else. Both of those skills are crucial for Simmons & Simmons employees, so this is a critical stage of the assessment process.


Interactive Exercise

The last evaluation at the Assessment Centre will be an interactive interview with partners at the firm. This interview will include some questions about the document review exercise, as well as a variety of personal, practical and ethical questions.

This part of the assessment is for the hirers to get to know you better as an individual candidate. You may be asked questions about your educational history or specific life values. You may also be presented with a hypothetical scenario and asked how you would handle it. Speaking calmly and practising your general interviewing skills beforehand will help a lot with this stage of the assessment.


How to Prepare for Simmons & Simmons Assessment?

The assessment process for Simmons & Simmons is rigorous, but as long as you are well prepared and know what to expect from all the tests, it does not have to be too hard.

You can practice for the SJT and logical, verbal and numerical reasoning tests by taking sample practice tests. Practising answering questions or solving puzzles under a time limit will help you to adjust to the pressure of these tests before you take them. The more you practice, the better prepared you will be.

Preparing for the on-site exercises at the Assessment Centre is a bit harder. There are a few general skills you can work on that will make all three of the exercises easier. Reading comprehension, for one, is incredibly important for both the written exercise and the document review exercise. Practice reading and understanding legal documents in a limited timeframe. You can also practice drafting legal and professional letters to prepare for the written exercise.

Sharpening your interview skills will help with every stage of the process. Be prepared to think on your feet and speak calmly under pressure – this is especially important for the interactive exercise.



Simmons & Simmons is a great company for a motivated, worldly candidate. Whether you are a recent graduate or a professional lawyer, they offer plenty of opportunities to expand your skills and work internationally.

Landing a job with this firm is all about being prepared through each stage of the hiring process. If you have worked on your interview skills and practised for all of the assessment tests, you should feel confident beginning your online application.2019