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Singapore Airlines (SIA) Assessment Tests, Recruitment Process & Interviews Online Preparation – 2024

Aptitude Employment Tests Prep

What Is Singapore Airlines?

In operation for 48 years, Singapore Airlines is the flag carrier airline of Singapore. It is a member of the Star Alliance and has been ranked as one of the best airlines in the world by Skytrax and has also been voted as having the best cabin crew and being the cleanest airline. Singapore Airlines was chosen as the airline to launch the world’s largest passenger aircraft, the Airbus A380. It flies to 137 destinations in 32 countries and has a fleet of 157 aircraft.

Singapore Airlines has a workforce of over 17,000 to keep things running smoothly. It encourages professional development and community activity through various programs. There are several diverse career areas that encompass a large number of job titles cabin crew, executives, ground professionals, and pilots. There are also scholarships as well as internships available. Singapore Airlines creates a welcoming environment for its employees with benefits like:

  • Medical coverage
  • Continuing education sponsorship scheme
  • Profit-sharing bonuses
  • Discounted travel


What Is Singapore Airlines’ Recruitment Process?

Openings with Singapore Airlines will be listed on the website. If you see a position you are interested in that you qualify for, submit your application. Be sure to include your CV. Before applying for any position carefully go over the requirements to make sure you meet the minimum qualifications, or your application will not be considered.

If your application seems promising, you will be called and invited for preliminary interviews. The first round of interviews will also include a few tests to aid in shortlisting applicants. You will be asked to write an essay and precis, as well as complete a few psychometric tests.

If you pass the assessments, you will be invited to another round of interviews.

If you seem to be a good fit you will need to undergo some pre-employment screenings, such as a medical screening.

If you have made it this far, the final step is the offer, which will be extended by a human resources representative.


Singapore Airlines Aptitude Tests

If you are asked to take the Singapore Airlines aptitude tests, you can expect to be given a series of multiple-choice tests. Singapore Airlines uses assessments designed by several test providers as SHL, Hogan and cut-e. These will be timed, as they are also used as a measure of how well you work under pressure. You will need to answer as many of the questions as you can in the allotted time. The tests will automatically shut off once you have reached the time limit. The tests mentioned are specific to the ground crew, but there are other positions that may require similar tests.

  • Numerical Reasoning Test To see how well you are able to work with numbers and use information presented in graphs, you will be given the numerical reasoning test. The numbers you need to work with will be given to you in tables, and you will need to solve the word problems related to them.
  • Verbal Reasoning Test This test focuses on how well you understand written communication, and the conclusions you are able to draw from it. The test is made up of short passages followed by true or false questions. You will need to read the passages and determine if you have enough information to decide if the statement are true or false.
  • Inductive Reasoning Test This measures your ability to think logically without numbers or words. You will need to find the pattern in series of changing shapes. You will need to be able to find the pattern and fill in the missing piece or guess the next shape.
  • Deductive Reasoning Test This uses words to measure how well candidates can logically think through a problem. Deductive reasoning tests are usually made up of statements like “Some birds like corn, cows like corn, some birds are cows.” Questions phrased like this are called syllogisms.
  • Personality Assessment
  • Singapore Airlines Pilot Assessment
  • Singapore Airlines Cabin Crew Assessment


How to Prepare for Singapore Airlines’ Online Assessment?

If you want to be competitive during the interview phase, then you will need to score well on the assessments. If you take time to study and practise before the day of the assessment you will give yourself an edge. The deductive reasoning test may be one of the more difficult sections. Practise by solving aptitude tests, so you get used to the careful reading required by the deductive reasoning and verbal reasoning tests. Practise doing word problems while timed, so you can be comfortable working under a time restriction, and so you know you are able to identify which functions to use. Do not just study, practise test taking. This will help you be better able to focus and manage your time.