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Sky Assessment Centre, Psychometric Tests, Recruitment Process & Interviews Online Preparation – 2024

Aptitude Written Exams

What Is Sky?

Owned by Comcast, Sky is one of the UK’s largest telecommunications companies. Sky’s digital television service has 23.9 million subscribers and offers over 300 channels. They also provide broadband service as well as mobile and fixed telephone service. Sky is headquartered in Isleworth, UK and has offices in 7 countries. They operate and have offices in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, and Italy. 31.7 thousand people are currently employed by Sky. To stay on the cutting edge and make certain their company stays relevant and aware of social issues, Sky has started several initiatives. In 2013 they launched Sky Sports Scholars to help young athletes in Britain and Ireland. In 2017 they joined the effort to promote sustainability by launching the Sky Ocean Rescue campaign to spread awareness of ocean health and to use innovation to find solutions to the problem of ocean pollution. As a growing telecommunications company, Sky has several different teams with roles that need to be filled. Their teams include digital technology, production, corporate, home service, retail, contact centre, business to business sales, and NOW TV. They offer graduate programs as well as apprenticeships and summer internships. In 2019 they were recognized as one of the Times Top 50 Places for Women, as well as being the Most Inclusive Employer of 2019. Sky offers its employees several benefits and incentives which include:

  • Health packages
  • Sick pay
  • Pension plan
  • Bike to work schemes
  • Free Sky tv package
  • Sharesave plans


What Is Sky’s Recruitment Process?


Positions with Sky are easily searched for on their website. You can either search by team, by location, by job title, or do a general search of all job postings. All applications must be submitted online. You can make a profile to save any listings which may be of interest to you. Provide your resume or CV when submitting your application. There will be a few questions to answer, which will have a word limit. The recruiting team will compare the information on your completed application to the requirements for the position you have applied for. If you are a good match you will move on to the next step.


Sky’s Psychometric Tests

Online tests are becoming a standard part of the hiring process, and Sky is no different. After submitting your application, you will be asked to complete a series of online assessment tests. The specific tests may differ slightly, and some roles may require more tests than others. Most tests will be directed toward those applying for the Finance or Software Engineering teams. The psychometric assessment tests given by Sky are provided by SHL. Not all applicants will be required to take every test, however, tests that are routinely given are:

  • Situational Strength Test – This test will be given to applicants for most teams. This psychometric test is used to measure the strengths and talents you display when handling day to day situations that may occur in the workplace. You will be given work-related situations and must rate which actions most closely reflect the way you would handle each scenario. The test is multiple-choice and will be tailored to the role you have applied for. Learn more about SJT tests.
  • Logical Reasoning Test – Job-seekers may be given a logical reasoning test to determine their proficiency with abstract thinking and concepts. During this test, you will be shown patterns and sequences of shapes and will need to determine their relationship with each other, and what the next image in the pattern will be. Some of these tests are progressive and the difficulty will build with each question.
  • Verbal Reasoning Test – Understanding verbal and written information is an important part of most jobs. For this reason, the verbal reasoning test is commonly given. You will have several paragraphs to read and will use the information you were given to answer questions as “true”, “false”, or “can’t decide”. You will have 20 minutes to answer 30 questions. Practice a free verbal reasoning test.
  • Numerical Reasoning Test – Positions such as finance, that require skill with numbers and formulas will require this test. You will have to use your knowledge to interpret data sets given on charts and graphs to complete this test. You will be permitted to use a calculator. The numerical aptitude test is timed, and you will have around 20 minutes to answer 18 questions.


Phone/Skype Interview

Once you have made it past the online assessment tests, you will be called for a telephone or Skype interview. This will be a brief interview, of around 20 minutes, that will clarify the information you provided on your application and start to get a sense of your personality. There may be a few questions concerning your reasons for wanting to work for Sky. For those interviewing through Skype, remember to check your internet connection, and ensure that you have your computer and camera set in an optimum position, so you don’t have to make adjustments during your interview. When participating in a Skype interview, also keep in mind how your surroundings appear. You want the interviewer to be able to focus on you, and not any clutter behind you. The phone/Skype interview is an excellent opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have concerning the job you are interviewing for. Sky is looking for candidates who are knowledgeable about the company and who show drive and enthusiasm, asking pertinent questions will help you engage more with the interviewer and will make your interest in the job obvious and help you stand out.


Sky’s Assessment Centre

If you have made a good impression, you will be asked to go in to take part in an assessment centre. There you will partake in several activities meant to further help the recruiting team see how you function in a real-world setting, and to demonstrate how you would fit in as part of the Sky team. You may also be required to retake the assessment tests. This is routinely done to make sure test scores stay consistent. The assessment activities consist of:

  • Ice Breaker – To kick off the assessment day, and introduce everyone, there will most likely be an icebreaker. This is an opportunity for everyone to introduce themselves and meet the recruiting team. The activities of the day will be discussed, and you will have a chance to ask any questions you may have about the assessment centre.
  • Group Discussion – You will be given a topic to discuss and come to a solution about as a group. You will be monitored and assessed on how well you participate, if you allow other people to express their ideas, if you keep a level head if someone disagrees or if you become argumentative, if you can keep a discussion on track and diffuse tense situations.
  • Program Specific Exercise – You will be given a task or exercise to complete, based on the position you have applied for. For example, those going into a programming role will need to complete a coding exercise. You will be given an exact description of the exercise you will be given on the day of the assessment centre.



You may, depending on your desired position, find yourself interviewing with more than one member of the management team. You will want to have your CV with you, so you can refer to it if needed. This interview will be behaviour-based and will also focus on your past experience. Knowing the STAR method (situation, task, action, result) will help you phrase your answers to the questions you will be asked and give the interviewer a complete picture of how you will perform. While you do not want to sound rehearsed, it is always a good idea to have a few examples in mind to pull from, so you do not find yourself scrambling for an answer. Some questions that are typical of an interview with Sky are

  • Are there any recent innovations that Sky has made that standout?
  • What do you think makes Sky a better option than the competition?
  • Have you ever made a mistake on the job? What did you do to address it?
  • Have you ever worked as part of a team to come up with a creative solution? How was it received?


How to Prepare for Sky’s Online Tests?

You will have to make a good impression through your performance on the online assessment tests before you ever have a chance to meet anyone in person. Preparing for the tests, so you can make it to the interviews is one of the most important parts of the job-seeking process. Always schedule yourself a block of time to take the tests so they are your main focus. Check to be sure your internet connection is good before you begin. Taking the tests on a pc or laptop is preferred over attempting to take them on a mobile device. Get to know everything you can about the company and the job requirements. This can help you anticipate some of the situations that you may encounter on the job and help you consider the response they would like from their employees. There are certain strengths and personality traits they are looking for with the personality test and being familiar with these will help you pick the answers that demonstrate that you do possess these traits. Be thoughtful and consistent with your answers. They will want to see a balance of traits, and not an overabundance of one. Practicing with word puzzles and reading will help you brush up on your verbal abilities for the verbal reasoning test, and reacquainting yourself with how to read graphs, and do equations might be of benefit for those going into finance. Prepare yourself for the online assessment tests as thoroughly as you would prepare for an interview, that way you can ensure you make it all the way to the interview stage and start your new career with Sky.