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Sova Assessment Tests Online Preparation & Tips – 2024

Job Aptitude Tests Preparation

What Is the Sova Online Test?

Sova is a UK based test provider whose online assessment tests are used to help identify the best performers in a stack of applicants. They also provide video interview platforms, digital assessment centres, and videos meant to improve applicant engagement in the assessment process. Sova has made its assessment tests available through any mobile device, which provides test takers with more options as to where they can take them. As part of their company philosophy, Sova provides applicants with their test results, even if they do not receive a score that qualifies them for the job, they can see where they have fallen short, and find ways to better prepare themselves for their desired role.


Sova’s Psychometric Tests

Sova utilizes a system it refers to as “Whole Person Assessment”. This means their assessment is one test that includes a combination of personality and cognitive ability questions. These tests are tailored to be job-specific, so there are multiple versions. Sova assessment tests measure motivations and attitudes, how you fit into the company culture, personality and preferences, and skills, and ability. There is no time limit on the test, but the time it takes you to complete it will be factored into your final score. The Sova assessment test questions are broken into five segments:

  • Reasoning Questions – This is a short section made up of 9 questions. You will have several passages to read and will have to answer true or false questions based on these passages.
  • Numerical Reasoning Questions To demonstrate proficiency with numbers there will be a numerical reasoning portion on the assessment test. There will be several problems you must solve using information presented in graphs and tables. This section consists of 9 questions.
  • Logical Reasoning The logical reasoning test measures your abstract reasoning ability by presenting you with nine shapes you must rotate, or sequences to complete.
  • Situational Judgment The situational judgment questions are a measure of how you respond in work-related situations.
  • Personality Questionnaire The personality questions measure several key factors that are variables in job success:
    • Managing complexity – A measure of your problem-solving ability and how you approach complex decisions.
    • Engaging with others – Shows how well you interact with people, if you have the ability to communicate, and if you show any propensity for leadership.
    • Resilience – Measures how well you handle minor set-backs and stressful situations.
    • Learning – Shows how open you are to receiving guidance and if you are receptive to learning new ways of doing things.
    • Decision making – Helps show if you consider the input of others, or if you prefer to make decisions on your own. It also determines if you are open to input and if you consider all factors.
    • Innovation – Are you open to new ways of doing things and are you quick to adapt.
    • Self-drive and motivation – Helps show if you are a self-motivator, and how driven you are to achieve your goals.


Companies That Use Sova Tests

These are some of the many companies that use Sova assessments:

NAB Primark Santander Freshfields British Airways
RBS Takamol Medtronic Dubai Retail American Express
HSBC Jumeirah RSA Group NBC Universal General Electric
Roche Emirates Nationwide Northern Trust Lloys Banking Group
Pfizer Deloitte LexisNexis Australia Post John Lewis Partnership
Zurich Generali Police Now Bain & Company Saudi Ministry of Defense


How to Prepare the Sova Assessment Test?

Sova prides itself on the scaled-down nature of its assessment test, as well as the user-friendly and interactive interface they use. Since Sova has scaled its assessment to a single test with questions from both reasoning and personality tests, you will need to prepare for both styles of testing.

Preparing for reasoning questions can be done by challenging your brain. Crossword puzzles, logic puzzles, and online brain games all help build your reasoning skills. The numerical reasoning test will need more focused studying if you are not familiar with working with graphs and tables.

Personality questions can be easily answered if you are aware of the traits the company you are testing for finds desirable. Most companies have preferred profiles for jobs, and if you familiarize yourself with their corporate culture and key values you can anticipate what they find most desirable in their employees.

Sova is a newer player in assessment test developing, but they are making inroads in the field, by adapting to new technology and improving the test taker’s experience. Taking the time to prepare for the Sova assessment test will help you get scores that make you stand out from the crowd.


Practice Questions

Practicing for Sova assessment is the key to scoring higher and increasing your chances of getting your desired job. Our team developed example questions so you can experience test questions of similar topics. The following aptitude questions focus on a few main topics that are common in this assessment, such as: numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, logical reasoning, and error checking. In addition, the following personality practice questions are based on the Big Five personality test theory.


Sample Questions

  1. Which word is the best fit for the blank space in this sentence?Mrs. Garcia was ______ after witnessing the armed robbery.
    1. Dapper
    2. Dismal
    3. Disturbed
    4. Dark
  2. Loquacious means
    1. Confident
    2. Moody
    3. Outgoing
    4. Talkative
  3. Vehement most nearly means:
    1. Ardent
    2. Apathetic
    3. Antagonistic
    4. Aroused
  4. Which proverbs have similar meanings?I. Actions speak louder than words.
    II. A picture is worth a thousand words.
    III. The pen is mightier than the sword.
    IV. God helps those who help themselves.
    V. You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.
    1. II & IV
    2. III & V
    3. I, II, & II
    4. I & IV
    5. I, IV, & V
  5. How would you edit the underlined portion in the sentence below?
    You smile just like your mother.
    1. like her.
    2. as your mother does.
    3. as her.
    4. No change
  6. Choose the picture that best completes the pattern below:
    CCAT Sample QuestionCCAT answer
  7. Which figure comes next in the series?
    Free Cognitive Ability Test QuestionFree Cognitive Ability Test Answer


  1. C
  2. D
  3. D
  4. A
  5. B
  6. E
  7. A


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