Adidas Psychometric Tests, Assessment Centre, Hiring Process & Interviews Online Preparation – 2022

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What Is Adidas?

Adidas is a multinational German company based in Herzogenaurach, Germany. They are a shoe and sports apparel designer and manufacturer, second only to Nike in size. They also own the brands Reebok and Runtastic. Adidas was founded in 1924 as Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory by Adolf Dassler who was later aided by his brother Rudolph. After the two brothers had a falling out Adolph changed the name of the company to Adidas, and Rudolph went on to found Adidas’s rival Puma.

Adidas currently has 272 locations spread throughout 38 countries. They currently boast over 50,000 employees and offer a wide variety of positions. They have their career opportunities divided into “teams”. Their teams consist of makers, which encompasses positions such as engineering, design, production, and development. Growers, which includes audit, finance, IT, outsourcing, sales, audit, sourcing, and strategy. Retail, which covers all positions involved in retail store operations. Pupils, which is made up of their apprenticeship program, pupil internship, and dual study program. Students, and finally Graduates, this team is made up of their digital talent program, functional trainee program, and direct entry program.

The Adidas benefits program varies by location, but some of the benefits available to employees include:

  • Pension plans
  • Stock purchasing plan
  • On-site daycare at some locations
  • Healthcare plans
  • Bonus Program


What Is Adidas’ Recruitment Process?

The Adidas hiring process starts online where job seekers can find their area of interest and search for related positions. Jobs can be found by location as well as titles, and all positions are listed along with the qualifications. To apply find the career that interests you and select “apply now” you will be prompted to make an account to access the application form. This will allow you to save searches as well as submit applications. You can choose to be alerted when a job that you may be qualified for becomes available. When submitting your application be sure to emphasize any experience that you feel helps you stand out, and gives you a competitive edge.


Adidas Pre-Employments Tests

Some positions with Adidas will require you to take a psychometric test before you are moved along in the hiring process. You may be asked to take tests that are measures of your cognitive ability along with personality tests or situational judgment tests.

Test that you may be given include:         `              `

  • Cognitive Tests – This may be a series of tests, or given as a single test, similar to the Matrigma assessment tests or SHL’s tests. These tests will measure your numerical reasoning, your critical thinking abilities, and your problem-solving skills. Cognitive tests are timed and are presented in a multiple-choice format.
  • Personality Tests – Many companies give personality tests to job-seekers to make sure they only hire people who will blend well into the company culture. These tests will determine your dominant attributes, which will then be measured against the employee model the company has made for that position. You will be rated based on how well your traits compare.



You may only have one face to face interview or several interviews based on the role you are applying for. Some candidates may be asked to participate in a virtual interview prior to meeting anyone from management. For those who are given a virtual interview, the questions are pre-recorded, and you will need to record your answers and submit the interview. You will be given a question and will have around a minute to formulate a response. You will have 2 minutes in which to give your answer.

Face to face interviews may consist of both technical and behavioural interviews given at separate times. Those applying for higher level, or graduate positions are more likely to be given more than one interview. Those applying with the retail stores are generally interviewed at the store by the store manager. No matter which position you have applied for, knowledge of Adidas and its products is necessary to show that you are the perfect fit.


Assessment Centre

Candidates for corporate and graduate positions will be invited to an assessment centre. Assessment centres are a chance for job seekers to finally meet management, and possibly the team they will be working with. You will be able to show how you behave and interact in a group setting, and will be observed to see how well you work with others. There are often group activities and role-playing, along with presentations.

The day will end with final interviews. Not all participants will make it to the interview portion of the day.


How to Prepare for Adidas Assessment?

Online tests are used to make sure applicants truly possess the necessary abilities for the job. Since the hiring process will end if you do not perform well on these assessments, it is in your best interest to study so your brain is primed to take the tests. Logic puzzles, crosswords, and sudoku are good for working the logic centres of the brain and sharpening your ability to think critically. Since numerical reasoning questions are common, finding an app to help you practice your skill with numbers is a good idea.

You can prepare for personality tests by learning as much about the corporate values as you can. While you should be honest in your answers. Knowing what they expect from their employees will help you determine how you would behave on the job. Never try to cheat a personality test, most testing companies have safeguards in place to determine when someone is being disingenuous in their answers.

Adidas strives to be an inclusive company that encourages creativity in design and a love of sports. If you take your time and are prepared for every stage of the hiring process, you can become a part of this innovative company.