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Aon Hewitt G.A.T.E. Assessment Test Preparation 2024

Aon Hewitt GATE Assessment

What Is the Aon G.A.T.E. Test?

Aon Hewitt is an assessment company used by employers to find the best employee for the job. The Aon assessment (G.A.T.E. assessment) evaluates candidates to predict how successful they might be in a position by testing their capabilities and skills. It then compares them with other applicants to determine their eligibility for the job using one’s test answers. The Aon psychometric test is designed to identify and measure an applicant’s intelligence and practical skills. On the Aon assessment, there are also a series of personality and situational judgment- style tests that ascertain a picture of an applicant’s behavioural qualities and personality traits. Collectively, the Aon Hewitt assessment test measures one’s skills in areas such as problem-solving, mathematical calculations, decision-making, logical thinking, personality, and communication.

Created by Aon Assessment Solutions, G.A.T.E. (Global Assessment and Talent Engine) is the online portal (, through which, an Aon assessment can be taken. This online feature allows for easy accessibility so that the exam can be self- administered and taken on the G.A.T.E. site from any internet-accessible personal computer, tablet, or mobile device. G.A.T.E. also allows test takers the option to choose from a variety of different languages, allowing for an easy to use, multi-lingual experience.


Different Aon Hewitt Test Types:

Aptitude Tests

These tests are adaptive, meaning the next question posed is based on your previous answer. In this way you will not face questions that are continuously too easy or too difficult.

Personality Test

  • ADEPT-15
    This test measures your personal characteristics and natural tendencies to predict how you will behave given a job position. Specifically, it measures 6 broad work styles and 15 personality traits.
    This test also assesses your personality and work behaviour. A statement will be given and you must rate how much you agree or disagree with the statement on a six point scale.

The personality tests have no time limit so take the time to read the question and answer honestly.

Ability Tests

  • Situational Judgment Test (SJT)
    On this questionnaire, an applicant must choose the course of action that they would hypothetically take to solve the dilemma presented in the scenario. Applicants solve situations they might encounter in daily life. There is no right or wrong answer, and the test is not timed. Read more about SJT tests.
  • LEADeR
    This Aon Hewitt leadership assessment provides companies with a way to select and develop leadership talent. It is a virtual assessment centre that brings challenging situations the candidate must respond to.

Specific Knowledge Tests

These tests are developed for the specific company and job position you are applying for. It evaluates your knowledge in essential areas related to your field.

Creativity Tests

  • Sparks
    This assessment measures a candidate’s creativity. The candidate is presented with four objects on screen and must combine them to create another object which he/or/she must name.


Companies That Use Aon Assessments

These are some of the many companies that use Aon assessment tests:

7-Eleven Burger King Colgate DELL AIirbus Group
BP Coca Cola Deloitte P&G Adidas Group
EY easyJet Danone Accentrure Volkswagen
PwC General Motors KPMG DNB Lufthansa
AMP Siemens Tesco ACCA Vodafone
UPS Marriot


How to Pass the Aon G.A.T.E. Test

To be prepared for the Aon G.A.T.E. assessment, applicants should work on practice sample tests, get a hold of previous test answers, and review Aon G.A.T.E. sample test questions to arrive at a better understanding of the questions along with the rationale behind the answers. It is also beneficial to find and take practice tests for the subsections that you feel you need to improve. In general, it is also a good idea to work on logic puzzles and verbal reasoning/ reading comprehension problems. Practising the Aon Hewitt psychometric test will increase a test taker’s speed and accuracy, while also decreasing anxiety. In many ways, knowing what to expect on the Aon test by reviewing previous questions and taking practice tests goes a long way toward improving one’s results.



Aon Hewitt utilises scientifically backed research to create assessments that evaluate intelligence, skills, and personality. While there is no easy way to prepare for the Aon G.A.T.E. assessment, there is a solid method available to those who are willing to study and practice. To make the process easier, this Aon G.A.T.E. assessment guide has provided a background of the test and practical tips to help you pass.