Danone Aptitude Tests, Assessment Centre, Hiring Process & Interviews Online Preparation – 2022

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What Is Danone?

Founded in Barcelona, Spain, and now headquartered in Paris Danone is a food and beverage corporation that focuses on cereal, dairy products, and beverages. Danone is a multinational corporation and owns the brands Activia, Dannon, Evian, Horizon, Mizone, Oikos, Bonifant, Cow & Gate, Aptamil, and Damavand, among others. Danone states on its website that its mission is to promote healthier food and drink practices while maintaining sustainability.

Along with traditional job paths, Danone offers internships, graduate placement, and undergraduate programs. Teams at Danone include legal, finance, marketing, quality, supply chain, sales, procurement, Human Resources, and information systems. To attract the best people Danone offers several benefits packages that include:

  • Health and dental coverage
  • Retirement savings
  • Paid time off
  • Parental leave
  • Gym membership discounts


What Is Danone’s Recruitment Process?


The applications for Danone can be found on their website. You can make a profile to receive job-alerts if nothing that matches your qualifications is currently open. When applying you will need to include your CV. Emphasize your relevant experience when filling out the application. Share details about your interests so your application is eye-catching and memorable. Danon highly encourages building your online presence through platforms such as LinkedIn. To make sure you are the best fit for the role you have applied for, your application will be compared to a profile they have made of their ideal candidate for that job.


Danone’s Psychometric Tests

To further assist in narrowing the talent pool Danone may give online aptitude tests. These tests will vary based on the country the job is located in as well as the position being tested for. You will be notified if you are required to take any assessment tests. The tests given by Danone are oftentimes provided by test developer SHL (CEB):

  • SHL’s Numerical Reasoning Test This 25-minute test is used to evaluate your skill with interpreting charts and graphs and solving math questions pertaining to the information provided in them. These could be basic addition or subtraction, fractions, ratios, or percentages. The test is made up of 18 questions.
  • SHL’s Verbal Reasoning Test You will have 19 minutes to read the passages given to you and to answer the follow-up questions. This will show your word-comprehension, and your ability to form a conclusion based on the information you have. There are 30 questions on this test.



If you are able to advance in the hiring process the next step is a telephone or video interview. During this interview, you will be asked questions about your prior job experience, and your education. This interview is used as a screening to make sure your qualifications match what you put in your CV. Your next step may be a face to face interview. During this interview, you will be asked behavioural questions to help gauge how you will perform on the job, and how compatible you will be with the company culture. You may be asked questions like:

  • What does a typical work week look like for you?
  • How do you think working for Danone will help you meet your career goals?
  • What part of our company most intrigued you?
  • What is your greatest weakness? How are you able to adapt and make that work in your favour?


Assessment Centre

For those applying for graduate program or management positions, you will be invited to an assessment centre prior to the final interview. On the day of the assessment centre, there are several exercises you will need to participate in.

  • Group Exercise To observe how well candidates can work together in a group setting the participants will be divided into groups. The groups will each be given a work-related problem to discuss. The members of the groups will need to work together to find a solution.
  • Case Study Each person will be given a case-study. You will have about half an hour to go over the case-study and develop a 10-minute presentation.
  • Assessment Tests – You may be required to retake the assessment tests you took previously to confirm your score.
  • Interview After the exercises, the assessment centre attendees will have a final in-person interview. This Interview will be behaviour-based and ask for details about your motivations, aspirations, and experience.


How to Prepare for Danone’s Assessment Tests?

To start the hiring process on the right foot, take time to prepare yourself for the assessment tests. This will give you an advantage as the skills you need will be fresh in your mind. Find a resource to help you practice your graph reading skills. Practice doing basic math functions, so you feel comfortable doing them. Practising verbal comprehension is as easy as reading. Practice doing crosswords or logic puzzles to help increase your vocabulary and improve your reasoning skills.

Preparing for the online assessment tests will give you a boost of confidence when you sit down to take them. Good preparation will be reflected in your test scores. This will put you ahead of the competition and you will soon be accepting a job offer from Danone.