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Thomas International Assessment Test Preparation: Free Practice & Tips – 2024

Job Assessment

Thomas International-Style Psychometric aptitude exams are developed by Thomas International. The battery of tests provides a wide range of options to help give employers insight into work behavior, aptitude for varying positions, and learning or training aptitudes. The assessments are intended to help take the uncertainty out of the recruiting and hiring process as employers move through screening the candidates. This aids in avoiding staff turnover by placing the right people in the right positions the first time around. The various assessments are used to match people with jobs, sift through resumes, and manage, coach, develop, and train people. As such, depending on the test, the results may follow an employee through the entire employment cycle. Thomas International offers testing for over sixty countries and fifty-six languages. They specialize in intelligence and personality tests.


What Is a Thomas International Test?

Thomas International offers a wide variety of online psychometric aptitude assessments meant to predict response to on-site training. The company provides them in a few packages. These assessments are Thomas TEIQue, Assessment days or centres, Thomas PPA and Thomas GIA. Each brings its own unique way of aiding employers in screening job seekers and graduates in the pre-employment process. Some of these work with ThomasJob, a tool that allows employers to set key behavioural qualities and competencies for various positions they are seeking to fill. The results of exams working with ThomasJob are compared to the job profile developed by ThomasJob to determine the candidate with the best aptitude for the job.


What to Expect on the Thomas Psychometric Assessments?

Thomas International psychometric assessments are used to assess a variety of skills. Each test is a bit different on what can be expected. The tests can be anywhere from eight minutes to twenty-five minutes long depending on what the exam requires of the job seeker or graduate taking it. The exams are of all different difficulty levels to suit the position being applied for. Anticipate that you will likely be asked to take one of their personality questionnaires in addition to the numerical, verbal, and logical psychometric exams that are often required. The Thomas PPA personality assessment works with ThomasJob and is a popular option to help determine which candidates have the best traits for fitting the job. The tests below are common tests that candidates are asked to take:

  • Thomas TEIQue (Thomas Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire)
  • Thomas Teams and Thomas Diagnostics
  • Thomas PAC
  • Thomas SaMb
  • Thomas Skills
  • Thomas GIA
  • Thomas PPA

Many of these tests may be included in the assessment centres or days offered by Thomas International for companies interested in having the company run the assessment center for them. As such, it is a wise idea to prepare to be asked to take any of them, but you should also try to find out which ones you will need to take so you can prepare more specifically for those.


How to Prepare for the Thomas International Assessments?

In order to help you to prepare more efficiently for the Thomas psychometric assessments, the various assessments are discussed below to help with the preparation. Since the tests can be difficult, preparation and practice are particularly important. As such, the more information you have going into the assessment day, the better off you will be. The Thomas PPA and Thomas GIA exams both have separate articles to further help with the preparation and practice that graduates and job-seekers need to do to pass their exams with high performance ratings.

Thomas TEIQue

The Thomas Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire is used to measure the ability to recognize and control one’s own emotions as well as to deal with those of others. The questions are presented as statements about responses to varying situations, and graduates or job seekers taking the assessment are asked to rate how strongly they agree or disagree. The test will take anywhere from twenty to twenty-five minutes to complete. Results show employers how strong an applicant’s communication abilities and relationship management skills are. The online psychometric assessment shows how the test-taker deals with stress, conflicts, and other challenges involved in everyday work life. It can help employers identify those who will thrive in any situation or in management roles.

Thomas PAC

The Thomas PAC is an evaluation of talents, key behaviours, and abilities in the applicant taking the online psychometric aptitude exam. The goal of this aptitude assessment is to identify areas that need to be strengthened, people with leadership skills, and other areas of strength. It is often included in the Thomas Assessment Days and Centres, which are used both for hiring process and in-house training.

Thomas Teams and Thomas Diagnostics

This assessment can be used both for pre-employment hiring procedures and for further training after employment. It is also a part of the Thomas Assessment Days and Centres.

Thomas SaMb

This exam is a self-awareness and modifying behaviour workshop. It is used to help improve communication between employees and the ability to adapt to the office environment needs. It is also a part of the Thomas Assessment Days and Centres.

Thomas PPA

For the Thomas PPA assessment, there is a sub article available since it is one of the most common and used Thomas International assessments. More detailed information is provided there. The test is a personality exam meant to help employers with recruiting and screening.

Thomas GIA

There is also a sub-article for the Thomas GIA as it is another particularly common Thomas International battery of assessments. The test includes sections for numerical, verbal, perceptual, spatial, vocabulary, and reasoning aptitude assessments. This is one of the more rigorous tests given in the Thomas International psychometric aptitude exams.


Thomas International Test Tips

  • Take online practice tests that are similar to the ones you will be required to take.
  • Have some scratch paper and a pen or pencil available during the tests in case you need to jot anything down.
  • With the personality tests, practice with the work environment in mind. The goal is to help give the recruiter or interviewer an understanding of how you perform at work, so practising that way on the practice tests will help you to do the same on the real tests.
  • Do your best to find out which assessments will be included in any assessment days or centres you might be asked to take part in. Then practice for those specifically.



The Thomas International-Style Psychometric assessments require patient practice and preparation in order to do well. The majority of the tests, with the exception of the Thomas GIA are focused mostly on various aspects of personality, so they can be stressful since they require a different type of preparation from what most graduates and job-seekers are used to doing for pre-employment screening and hiring processes. However, with enough time spent practising and preparing, you will be ready to ace your online psychometric assessments with Thomas International and to show through your results why you are the best fit for the job. Practice and prepare: that is the key for success.


Sample Questions and Answers

  1. Mary finished her project before Kent. Who was slower?
    1. Mary
    2. Kent

    Answer: B. Kent. Mary finished first, which means she was faster. So, we deduce Kent must have been slower.

  2. Given three words, find and select the odd one out.
    1. Apple
    2. Banana
    3. Flower

    Answer: C. Flower. The other two are in the same category because they are fruits.

  3. Identify whether the largest or the smallest number is further away from the remaining number.
    10   6   3

    1. 10
    2. 6
    3. 1

    Answer: A. 10 is the furthest from 6.


Additional free practice materials: