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Clevry (Criterion Partnership) Assessment Preparation & Free Practice Questions – 2024

Aptitude Employment Tests Prep

What Is Clevry?

Criterion is a firm made up of occupational psychologists and  was founded in 1991 by Richard Hunter. Clevry was created in 2021 when Criterion, Studentwork, Psycruit, and Sharper merged. Clevry’s directors use their expertise to help companies retain talent, and encourage individuals to meet their potential in their careers. Clevry provides consulting services as well as customized solutions, assessment testing, and paper-free assessment centres.


Clevry Tests

Clevry offers several tiers of tests. Each is specialized for a specific group. Clevry offers paper and pencil versions of its tests but has also developed a testing platform called coast. The coast platform delivers both standard, off the shelf tests, and tests customized for a specific company. Clevry offers the Utopia, B2C, and CWS testing packages, each is tailored for a specific business segment and can be further customized for a specific business so they can identify the best talent, and promote a healthy working environment with low turnover.



The Utopia series of tests is designed for graduates and professionals. This series of tests consists of numerical, verbal, and abstract reasoning tests. These tests are meant for those who work in a corporate setting and test the decision making and reasoning abilities that are required of these positions.

  • Numerical Reasoning Test Measures a candidate’s skill at processing numerical information.
  • Abstract Reasoning Aptitude Test Uses incomplete sequences to evaluate the test taker’s skill at processing non-verbal and non-numerical information.
  • Verbal Reasoning Test Evaluates the applicant’s ability to understand and interpret written information, and come to conclusions without all the facts.


Verbal Reasoning Sample Question 1:

Five greyhounds, Jack, Speedy, Brutus, Pluto, and Tippy,  are in a neck and neck race.

Which place does Brutus come in if the following statements are true

  • Jack comes in before Speedy
  • Tippy comes in second
  • Brutus finishes ahead of Jack
  • Brutus finishes behind Pluto


Verbal Reasoning Sample Question 2:

A security guard was on duty at an abandoned factory from 9 pm to 6 am. Early in the morning, a fire was set and the factory was nearly destroyed. There was a hole found in the side of the fence where the arsonist could have slipped in. The only facts known at this time are:

  • The security guard heard something fall at 5:45 am
  • A local man driving home from a late shift saw a green truck heading toward the factory at 5:30 am
  • When the security guard was relieved there were no signs of a fire
  • Aside from the security post and the hole in the fence, there were no other means of entry.


Choose whether each statement is True, False or you Cannot Say from the given information:

The arsonist came in through the fence True / False / Cannot Say
The relief security guard drives a red truck True / False / Cannot Say
The security guard heard something suspicious True / False / Cannot Say
The security guard was involved in the fire True / False / Cannot Say




The B2C tests are designed for customer-facing positions in sales, lower management positions, and administrative jobs. These test for the basic customer service and job skills needed by retail associates, or people who work in an office setting that requires attention to detail, the ability to file and categorize items, and a good grasp of basic math functions.

  • Numerical Checking Test- This is an error checking test. It helps show an individual’s attention to detail by having them compare two sets of data that differ slightly and having them find the one that matches.
  • Proofreading Test – This test will have you check for errors in written material. You will have 7 minutes to go through 2 pages and find 52 errors
  • Classification – You will be given a set of rules and will need to classify items based on these rules. You will have 50 items to classify.


Numerical Checking Example Question:

1432  |                                 1482 / 1438 / 1432 / 1423



The focus of the CWS tests is on distribution, engineering, and manufacturing roles. It consists of numerical reasoning, mechanical reasoning, and fault finding. These tests are designed to focus on skills that are necessary for performing a job that requires mechanical knowledge, and an ability to work with numbers and make quick calculations.


Partnership Personality Questionnaire

This is a compilation of personality scales that Clevry keeps in its Clevry Attribute Library. This allows clients to create a personality questionnaire specific to their needs. This saves time during the hiring process since candidates who do not adequately fit the desire personality profile will not be considered, and the applicants who have the best chance of success can receive all the focus.

Though the questions may vary, Clevry Personality Questionnaire questions are phrased like this:

  • I tell people what they want to hear
  • I have a hard time controlling my emotions
  • I enjoy working in a busy environment
  • I encourage my coworkers to ask me questions

To each of these statements, you would answer if you strongly disagree, disagree, agree, or strongly agree.


Clevry Situational Judgment Test (SJT)

Clevry customizes its Situational Judgment Tests for the customer so the test accurately reflects situations that may be encountered on that specific job. Since situations can vary widely from job to job, the ability to tailor a test for the company providing it is important, so the test accurately reflects the applicant’s response to the job stress or difficult decisions.


SJT Sample Question:

“Your supervisor has an idea for a new company project. At first, you were on board but you and one other associate have found some things about the project that are causing you to hesitate. You have tried speaking to your supervisor, but he keeps brushing you off and giving you non-answers to your questions. Everyone else on your team is on board. What would you do and why?”

  1. You and your associate go to your supervisor’s manager, and let them know your concerns, and ask for ideas about how you can best handle the situation. This allows your team to stay enthusiastic and doesn’t force them to pick sides.
  2. You approach the team with your concerns and tell them you no longer want to run the project
  3. You stop worrying about it and allow the project to continue since your supervisor does not seem concerned.
  4. You confront your supervisor during a meeting since the entire team is there.


Which Companies Use Clevry Assessment Tests?

innocent Nokia Rejlers EY ADB
Santander fotum Caverion BT Marks & Spencer
Royal Mail randstad baseware elisa ASDA
MET Police Boots Centrica YIT next
Kent County Council Dunelm NOVARTIS CGI BDO
UK Ministry of Justice Bourne


How to Prepare for Clevry (Criterion) Assessment?

You can prepare yourself for the Clevry tests by understanding the skills you need for the job. This will help you understand the information you may be tested on so you can prepare. Practice any hard skills that you feel you need to work on such as editing. There are online resources that can help you practice your reasoning skills.

Clevry assessment tests are some of the most popular in human resources, particularly in the UK, USA, Australia and Canada. This means you will most likely encounter at least one of their assessment tests while on a job search. These assessment tests are nothing to cause yourself stress over and are useful not only in making sure that you are the right fit for the job, but that the job is the right fit for you.