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McQuaig Mental Agility Test (MMAT) Online Preparation & Free Sample Questions – 2024

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What Is the McQuaig Mental Agility Test?

The McQuaig Mental Agility Test, or the MMAT, is a general aptitude assessment. It serves companies in their interview processes by objectively screening high volumes of candidates. The structure of the MMAT is meant to narrow the candidate pool significantly as well as verify the intelligence of the applicants.

The MMAT examines both the cognitive ability and the swiftness at which one solves problems. Along with measuring these attributes, this assessment can also predict future job performance. The MMAT’s general premise makes it open for versatile use. It can be a tool for the hiring process for any job at any level of experience. Companies have the option to administer this test online or in person. However, most choose online.

The content of the MMAT can be broken down into three sections. The sum of these sections creates a grand total of fifty questions. All of these questions must be completed in fifteen minutes or less—keep in mind that it is the norm to be unable to complete the entire exam; it is designed to make candidates choose speed or accuracy. These three sections include:

  • Mathematical Ability
    The mathematical ability section covers areas such as number sequences and basic operations. A handful of questions require candidates to identify patterns and find their formula or they are asked to work through fractions and percentages.
  • Reasoning
    The reasoning portion of the MMAT is riddled with syllogisms and analogies. Test-takers must be able to draw conclusions from ambiguous observations. Like the other sections, the reasoning part is multiple choice.
  • Verbal Comprehension
    The verbal comprehension section shifts its focus more on literacy and grammar than the comprehension of verbal and written statements. Candidates must use context clues to complete the given sentences or correct punctuation and grammar mistakes.


How Is the McQuaig Mental Agility Test Scored?

The McQuaig Mental Agility Test is scored out of fifty on a normal distribution graph. The MMAT, like many psychometric assessments, generates a percentile score on the graph. A percentile score is the product of a raw score being compared to a norm group.

McQuaig’s five decades in the assessment industry has allowed them to be able to use thousands of past scores to establish norms for nearly every line of work. These predetermined benchmarks are what make up the norm groups. Your norm group is determined based on your career path and level of experience.

This straightforward process is what creates the percentile score which is the most important part of the score report. It’s so significant because it demonstrates to the administrator of the assessment how well you perform in comparison to other similar individuals. This is why if you were to perform slightly above average on the MMAT, which is a 35/50, but the established norm for your position is a 37/50; your score becomes less remarkable.

All of this information will be made available soon after the assessment. However, the test-takers will not see their exact scores; they will only know if they have passed or failed. The administrators have the option to share the scores with the candidate or withhold them. Candidates may receive a feedback report with suggestions for how to improve on certain areas that will come within a week after the test has been completed.


How Can I Prepare for the McQuaig Mental Agility Test?

The McQuaig Mental Agility Test may seem complex, but there are countless resources available to aid you in your preparation for this assessment. First, you must identify which aspect of the test will give you more trouble: the time restriction or the content.

If the timer on the test is a point of stress for you, the best way to put your mind at ease is to study using practice tests. They come in short or full version assessments and effectively emulate the conditions of the test. Practising with these tests will establish a favourable pace while maintaining accuracy. You can also measure the improvement of your scores.

Another helpful method would be to break down the MMAT by section. Placing your focus on each section individually allows you to concentrate on particular parts of the test that may need development. This is the best way to study if you feel concerned about the content of the test.


Sample Questions

  1. 93, 101, 103, 99, 107, 109, 105, 113, 115, 111
    What is the next number in the sequence?
    1. 121
    2. 119
    3. 113
    4. 109
    5. 112
  2. Car is to road as
    1. Mother is to baby.
    2. Peanut butter is to jelly.
    3. Star is to sky.
    4. Plane is to fly.
  3. Joey is a very talkative and loves meeting new people. Most people would describe him as __________.
    1. Loquacious
    2. Talented
    3. Approachable
    4. Shy
    5. Imitable
  4. Which of the following is an antonym of crass?
    1. Rude
    2. Dumb
    3. Refined
    4. Outgoing
    5. Successful
  5. Lauren spent forty minutes driving to work. There were seven intersections, four of which had red lights. If each red light took three minutes to turn green, how much time did Lauren spend driving and not stopped at an intersection?
    1. 24 minutes
    2. 31 minutes
    3. 12 minutes
    4. 28 minutes



  1. B
  2. C
  3. A
  4. C
  5. D