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Arrival Psychometric Tests, Recruitment Process & Interviews Online Preparation – 2024

Aptitude Employment Tests Prep

What Is Arrival?

Arrival is a manufacturer of electric vehicles (EV), with headquarters in London, UK, and Charleston South Carolina, as well as research and development facilities in North America, the Netherlands, Israel, and Germany. The focus of Arrival is currently concentrated on zero-emissions commercial vehicles like buses and vans.

As it moves closer to beginning production of its vehicles Arrival has a number of roles to fill in all of its departments. If you are interested in a career in sustainable transportation, Arrival has positions available in design, engineering, hardware, production, sales, marketing, finance, legal, logistics, software, cybersecurity, and human resources. Arrival creates an inviting workplace with some of its offices being dog-friendly, flexible work schedules, and free access to wellness facilities.


What Is Arrival’s Hiring Process?

All job openings with Arrival are posted on the company website. Find their talent page, and either search for a position by department, or by location. The application is simple. Just click on “apply” and you will be directed to a form where you will be asked to enter your name and upload a CV. You can also link your LinkedIn account if that is how you prefer to apply.

If your application stands out, you will be asked to schedule a phone interview with a recruiter. During this interview, you will be asked to verify information on your CV and learn more about the company and its vision and direction.

The phone screening will be followed by an invitation to onsite interviews. This may involve several interviews with different department heads before a decision is reached.

To help speed up the hiring process, and help identify talent, some applicants may be asked to take online assessments. These assessments are usually sent to you through email, and you will have a time frame in which to complete them.


Arrival’s Online Assessments

If you are asked to take any tests, there are a few that are common in the EV industry. These are used to pinpoint individuals with the right combination of personality traits and cognitive abilities to perform well and represent Arrival. If testing is required, you will most likely be given one or more of the listed assessments:

  • Logical Reasoning Exam This test is a way to assess your abstract problem-solving skills. You will be shown shapes and matrices that change positions based on a pattern. You will need to determine the pattern to answer the questions. This test is multiple-choice and usually has a time limit.
  • Numerical Reasoning Exam This test your ability to work with numbers in a table and identify the correct function to use to solve a problem. You will be given tables and graphs to work with, followed by multiple-choice word problems. The difficulty of this test increases based on the level of the job being tested for.
  • Verbal Reasoning Exam Communication and the ability to follow written directions are an important part of any industry. This test will measure that ability using brief passages followed by true or false questions. You will need to be able to use critical thinking to come to the correct conclusion and accurately answer the questions.
  • Mechanical Reasoning Aptitude Test
  • Personality Inventory To make sure employees are a good fit for the company, and will work well in the role they want, a personality questionnaire may be given. It will help show your dominant personality traits, and ability to work on a team.
  • Situational Judgment Test – This test shows your workplace personality and real-life problem-solving ability. The questions are based on situations that you may encounter in the workplace. You will be given several possible solutions and will need to either rank them from most to least effective or pick the solution you think would be the best.


How to Prepare for Arrival’s Assessments?

Psychometric testing is almost as much a part of the recruitment process as interviewing these days. As with interviews, the better prepared you are, the better the impression you will make. The first step should always be to learn about the company and its vision. This gives you an idea of what they are looking for and helps you make educated decisions on personality and situational judgment tests. The cognitive tests can be studied for using basic things like math practice problems and flashcards, crosswords to practice reading comprehension and problem-solving, and apps for cognitive function that function like an abstract reasoning test.