Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG) Assessment Tests, Recruitment Process & Interviews Online Preparation – 2021

Solving Aptitude Tests

What Is Intercontinental Hotels Group?

Intercontinental Hotels Group or IHG is a British hospitality company that owns hotel chains Holiday Inn, Candlewood Suites, Crowne Plaza, and Staybridge Suites. IHG owns 5,656 hotels in 100 countries. IHG is headquartered in Denham, Buckinghamshire, England. Along with careers for those with experience in hospitality IHG also offers an early careers program, this included internships, graduate opportunities, and apprenticeships. The employee benefits offered by IHG include:

  • Health benefits
  • Pension plans
  • Paid time off
  • Incentive programs


What Is IHG’s Hiring Process?


The IHG application process starts with an online application. Open positions for all brands and locations are available online. You can search for jobs by location, keyword, position, or hotel brand. Once you fill out your application you will be sent confirmation that it has been received. Requirements for each position will be included in the job description.


IHG’s Psychometric Tests

IHG uses online assessments as a tool to match the best candidate for the position. This will help make the decision of who to move to the interview process easier and help ensure they build the best team possible.

Tests that you may see when applying for a position include:

  • Personality Job Test Personality assessments are often given to match a candidate to a profile the company has made as a guide for the best type of person for a given position. The Hogan Personality assessment is designed to find your weaknesses, strengths, and core personality traits.
  • Mathematical Reasoning Aptitude Test Many positions in hospitality require the ability to work with numbers. Handling finances, accounting, and many aspects of event planning require knowledge of mathematical functions. Mathematical reasoning tests will measure your ability to work with percentages, basic problem solving, rations, and fractions. The test is multiple-choice, and you may or may not be allowed to use a calculator. This information will be included in the test directions.
  • Verbal Reasoning Assessment The hospitality field, especially those in customer-facing positions, requires people who can communicate effectively as well as follow directions well, whether written or verbal. Verbal reasoning assessments will test your comprehension of language through the use of brief passages which you must answer true or false questions about based on the information you were given.

You may also be required to take a logical reasoning test and a situational judgement test.


IHG’s Interviews

Those that make it to the interview process will face an interview that will go into detail about their experience and their work style. IHG is focused on making sure their employees have a personality that will blend well with their company. Interview questions may be given in the STAR format where you will be asked about a scenario, the task you were required to perform, the actions that you took to complete that task, and the end result. This interview method gives context to your answers and gives the hiring manager a better idea of your work style, and your ability to learn from past experiences. Some of the questions you may hear during your interview are:

  • Have you ever had an unhappy customer? How did you rectify this and make the customer happy?
  • Do you envision yourself working for us long term? How do you envision your career advancing?
  • Have you ever had a conflict with a coworker? Were you able to overcome it and work together?


How to Prepare for IHG’s Assessments?

Studying for the assessment tests will help give you an edge on the competition and help you advance to the interview portion of the hiring process. Study IHG and learn what they expect from their employees. This will help you when taking the personality assessment. Do not try to cheat the personality test but approach it from a professional point of view. Practising any skills, you may be rusty on like math or reading comprehension will help improve your confidence when taking the reasoning tests. There are resources to help you improve your math skills and practising reading and verbal comprehension is as simple as doing word puzzles or reading non-fiction.

You will most likely take the assessment tests from your home computer. Find yourself a quiet area where you can concentrate and focus on the assessment tests. Check your connection so that you are not interrupted by any technical issues. Read all the directions thoroughly to prevent mistakes because of misunderstanding. Be confident. If you have taken the time to study and prepare yourself for the online job tests, you will soon find yourself accepting a job offer from IHG.