Firefighter Wonderlic WonScore Test (Cognitive Abilities Test) Online Preparation – 2020

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Wonderlic Firefighter Cognitive Abilities Test

Like every public safety and civil service job, firefighting is a competitive field. Applicants need to be able to make quick decisions under pressure. They also need to be physically able to perform the duties required. There is more to the job than just extinguishing fires. Other duties required of a firefighter include:

  • Testing water hoses and fire extinguishers.
  • Driving emergency vehicles.
  • Supervise inspections, and check buildings for code compliance.
  • Clean equipment and perform routine maintenance.
  • Run fire drills and provide reports on the training and results.
  • Perform risk assessments at the scene of fires.
  • Testifying in court when required.

The requirements for becoming a firefighter will differ within each department, but most departments require at least a secondary education diploma (High School diploma or GED). Applicants can also benefit from a degree in fire science and a certification in emergency medical training.


Fire Department Pre-hire Testing

Potential firefighters undergo rigorous testing before being hired. They will need to pass a test of their physical abilities, to show they have the strength and stamina needed. There will also be tests that will focus on situational judgment specific to firefighting, as well as knowledge tests specific to each fire department. They will also need to pass a cognitive abilities test. This test is given by employers in many fields and is called the Wonderlic.


The Wonderlic Firefighter WonScore

Originally known as the Wonderlic Cognitive Abilities Test or CAT, or the Wonderlic Personnel Test. The Wonderlic WonScore is the test of choice for most fire departments. The WonScore is a multiple-choice exam that measures cognitive ability. Cognitive ability tests show your ability to think abstractly, retain new information, and understand complex ideas.

The WonScore questions focus on simple math, pattern recognition, logic, and reading comprehension. As you make your way through the exam, the questions will begin to get more difficult. Each question is weighted based on how hard it was so your score better reflects your cognitive skills.

The test is 50 questions long and you will have 12 minutes to answer as many of them as you can. There is no penalty for incorrect answers.


How to Prepare for the Firefighter Wonderlic Test?

In addition to studying for the firefighter exams and working out to meet the physical requirements, you will need to prepare for the Wonderlic WonScore. Some of the studying you do for the firefighting exams will be helpful for a cognitive ability test as well. You will need to work on math proficiency for both tests, as well as memorization. Reading comprehension is also an important part of both tests. Use the study guides you may be given for your other exams to help strengthen your reading comprehension. There are tools available online to help you work on memorizing patterns and recognizing things that are out of sequence. Use these to help strengthen your abstract reasoning skills.

When taking the test, part of what makes it difficult is that it is timed. This is done in part to show how well you work under pressure. If you find certain questions are too difficult, give them your best guess and move on. This gives you the opportunity to focus on questions you can answer easily and allows you to complete more questions.