Legal Secretary Civil Service Test Preparation 2024

Legal Secretary Civil Service Test Preparation

Whether you find the job of a legal secretary appealing because you are a graduate with a relevant degree or not, you can expect it to be a steady employment opportunity with an average pay of £8.87 per hour that comes as a regular government paycheck with health insurance and career opportunities. Below is a collection of tips on what to expect from your job as a legal secretary and how to successfully go through the pre-employment screening process.


What Legal Secretary Work Duties Involve?

The diverse set of work responsibilities that legal secretaries are engaged in a civil service professionals have evolved over the years. From just typing and answering phone calls all day, it has now expanded to include: managing client relationships, assembling relevant information for legal cases, and even preparing and filing legal documentation.   The assessment of your aptitude for this job is commonly accomplished by taking a legal secretary skills test.


What to Expect from the Legal Secretary Civil Service Test

The psychometrics of this test assesses your aptitude for the job based on your answers to the following sets of questions:

  • Familiarity with legal procedures
    This set of legal secretary exam questions assesses your ability to work with legal documents.
  • Keyboarding competence
    This section of the test allows you to demonstrate your ability in word processing and proofreading.
  • Familiarity with office practices and processes
    This set of legal secretary exam questions tests your ability to handle most common office situations and tasks.
  • English language proficiency 
    In this section, you can showcase your capacity to write proper English with correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  • Record keeping competence 
    This set of questions assesses your ability to handle office records properly.

As you can see, the test evaluates your ability to handle most common work duties legal secretaries have to deal with at the job. How can you become one of the prime job seekers to be considered for this job?


How to Prepare for the Legal Secretary Civil Service Exam

With the help of online sample practice and study tools with free examples and explanations that are made available by assessment centres, you can gain valuable familiarity with the format of the test. These include legal secretary test preparation study guides, sample legal proofreading and spelling tests, as well as sample legal secretary assessment tests – to name a few. Their use in preparation for the exam will allow you to score as high on your legal secretary assessment test as you possibly can.