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British Army Literacy Test Online Preparation – 2024

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What Is the British Army Literacy Test?

The British Army requires that all of their recruits take a literacy test. The results of this test inform the army of the candidate’s ability to communicate with those around them, follow instructions, and comprehend information. It is important that the recruit demonstrates their ability to communicate verbally and through written correspondence.

If the recruit’s first language is not English, they will be provided with additional training to improve their literacy. Recruits who achieved a C or above on their English GSCE’s will not have to take the British Army Literacy Test.


What to Expect on the British Army Literacy Test?

The literacy test is multiple choice and timed. The questions will concern grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure, and comprehension. Some questions may involve reading through a series of sentences to find erroneous punctuation or misspelling of words.

Another common type of question is gauging the candidate’s understanding of commonly mistaken words. This includes misspelling words like “separation” or “judgment”, or the proper usage of “their”, “they’re”, or “there”. Other questions will probe at synonyms and antonyms and how interchangeable they are within a sentence.

Finally, the British Army literacy test also includes a comprehension section. During this part, the recruit will be presented with a brief passage of information about a random topic or a topic relevant to the British Army. After the recruit is finished reading the passage, there will be a series of statements. Following the statements are three answer choices: “True”, “False”, or “Cannot Say”. The candidate must mark the statement based on its relation to the passage.


How to Prepare for the British Army Literacy Test?

The British Army literacy test isn’t something to stress over. If English isn’t your first language or if you struggle with areas like grammar, you may benefit from some extra practice. A great way to practice is by using sample questions. Sample questions are popular because they allow you to focus on the accuracy of your answer rather than the speed at which you complete the question. They are also a good refresher to use before you sit down for the test.

Another popular way to prepare for the literacy test is by using online practice tests. Online practice tests allow you to become comfortable with the material while you are simultaneously studying for the assessment. You can practice navigating the questions and managing the pressures of the time limits. Additionally, you will be presented with your results on these practice tests. The results are telling of how you may perform on the genuine assessment. If your practice test score is low, then you can continue to run through questions until you’ve reached the optimal score. Best of luck!