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Irish Defence Forces Psychometric Test Preparation – 2024

Aptitude Written Exams

What Are the Irish Army Psychometric Tests?

The Irish Army , also known as the Irish Defence Forces, employs a series of psychometric tests to evaluate potential cadets. They are typically administered during the second or third stage of the recruitment process at one of the training offices.

The Irish Army’s psychometric tests appraise a variety of skills that inform the recruiters of the candidate’s mental capacity and general intelligence. Applicants must meet a certain benchmark put in place by the Irish Army in order to proceed through the recruitment process. The results of the test also serve to help the Irish Army choose where the recruit should be placed and what role is best suited for them.


What to Expect on the Irish Defence Forces Aptitude Tests?

The Irish Army utilises three psychometric tests. Depending on the role or the recruit’s background, they may be asked to sit for two more exams. Each exam is timed and is proctored by a recruiter. The Irish Army’s assessments include the following:

  • Diagrammatic Reasoning
    The diagrammatic reasoning test focuses on the recruit’s critical thinking and non-verbal reasoning. There will be a series of shapes arranged in a particular pattern and the test taker must identify the trends. There are five to eight answer choices per question. The results of this assessment are indicative of the recruit’s ability to draw conclusions from ambiguous observations.
  • Numerical Reasoning
    The numerical reasoning assessment uses high school level math to evaluate the recruit’s mathematical inclination. There are a variety of questions ranging from equations, word problems, and graphs and tables. The recruit should brush up on basic operations, percentages, and algebra among other things.
  • Verbal Reasoning
    The verbal reasoning test is used to assess the recruit’s ability to comprehend information and instructions and apply them to tasks. The test taker will be presented with a brief passage followed by a handful of statements. These statements concern the information in the passage and appraise the recruit’s capacity to establish a connection between the statement and the paragraph. There are only three answer choices, “True”, “False”, or “Cannot Say”.

If the recruit has applied to a technical position, they must also take a mechanical reasoning assessment. The mechanical reasoning exam is accompanied by a variety of diagrams and focuses mainly on the principles of mechanics.

There may also be a psychological evaluation. This will consist of basic questions about the recruit’s mental state and their ability to perform the role and fulfil the responsibilities asked of them.


Irish Defence Forces Interview Tips

The interview for the Irish Army is led by a panel. On this panel will be a handful of officers and civilians. There are a handful of questions that the recruit must answer about their past experiences and how they exhibit the army’s values.

Recruits should prepare for competency-based questions. These are questions that probe at the recruit’s past and background to get an idea of how they might behave in the future. To present yourself in the best light, review the Irish Army’s values and competencies, then align your answers to these qualities.

Common questions for recruits include:

  • Why are you interested in the Irish Army?
  • What is your five-year plan?
  • Describe a time when you worked in a team.
  • Describe a time when you and a coworker (or friend) had a disagreement. How did you handle it?


How to Prepare for the Irish Army’s Psychometric Tests?

The Irish Army’s psychometrics can be difficult if they are not properly prepared for. There are plenty of questions and a slightly stressful time limit. This test is important because it determines the recruit’s position within the army and if they qualify for a cadetship.

If you wish to do exceedingly well on the Irish Army’s assessments, then using online practice tests might be your best bet. Online practice tests simulate the conditions on the Irish Army’s assessments. Therefore, you are afforded the opportunity to take these tests without the pressure of the results. Additionally, the results you do receive on the online practice tests are a great estimation of your performance on the genuine tests.

As long as you are willing to put in the work, you should do well on the Irish Army’s psychometric tests and other stages of the recruitment process. Best of luck!